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Requests For New Unequipped Items



Potion of garlic mixture

  • Weight: 0.3
  • Price: 50
  • Type: Potion
  • Thrown accuracy (potions only): 6
  • Spell triggered: None
  • Special Powers: Destroys vampires when thrown
  • Concept: Vampires are a bit tough, but legend has it that they also have some definite weaknesses.
  • Purpose in game: Nerf vampires a little bit.
  • Optional features: Make damage not too high, so that vampires are still very powerful. Do not give the potions to enemy tribes.
  • Discussion: Perhaps just lower stats, not destroy the vampire.
    • Yeah, making an instakill potion, then not giving it to enemies sounds weird. Just make it debuff/frighten the vampire. They were after all repulsed by the scent of garlic, not killed by it, in fiction. –Red kangaroo (/keeperrl_wiki/talk) 17:30, 28 February 2017 (CET)

Terrain seeing potion

  • Weight: 0.3
  • Price: 10000 mana
  • Type: Potion
  • Special Powers: Shows you the whole map when you drink it, with no areas left to explore. Campaigns need one potion per map tile.
  • Concept: This could be something to spend mana on if you have a large excess at the end.
  • Purpose in game: Exploration can be a bit dull at the end of the game and if you have earnt enough mana, why not?
  • Optional features: Shows you items on the ground as well.
  • Discussion: Maybe a scroll of magic mapping, as already suggested by someone below, instead?

Potion of Regeneration (Implemented as artefact in Alpha 23)

  • Weight: 0.3
  • Price: 1000 gold, or 500 mana to create
  • Special Powers: Drink to regrow one random lost limb.
  • Concept: An expensive way to regain lost limbs.
  • Purpose in game: It would be nice if there was a way to regain lost limbs, at a price.
  • Optional features: Should be very rarely, if ever found in chests, to prevent easy recovery for adventurers. Finding and buying one in a shop is okay, though.

Red kangaroo (/keeperrl_wiki/talk) 17:30, 28 February 2017 (CET)

  • Discussion:

Potion of Hallucination

  • Weight: 0.3
  • Price: 5
  • Type: Potion
  • Thrown accuracy (potions only): 40
  • Special Powers: Causes whoever uses the potion to have hallucinations for about 30 turns.
  • Concept: A more powerful “magic mushroom” that can be thrown.
  • Purpose in game: Can be thrown at enemies to make them hallucinate, and maybe they can see you as a red dragon during their hallucination, and run away from you, or see you as a weak rat and chase you down, even if you are stronger than them.
  • Optional Features: If thrown at another creature, randomly decrease their morale so they run away from you, or increase their morale.
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.


Scroll of Fire Ball

  • Weight: 0.5
  • Price: 25
  • Type: Scroll
  • Special Powers: When used, the caster can shoot one orb of fire in any direction. If it hits any wooden surface, or a tree or a bush, it will catch on fire. If it hits a creature, they will catch on fire for some turns.
  • Concept: Offensive scroll.
  • Purpose in game: Good in adventure mode, where you can’t use spells. This is more of a support scroll now that I think of it. I guess it gets two uses, one in adventure mode, where you use this to defeat enemies, and one in keeper mode, where if you find this scroll in the early game you can use it to set houses on fire, meaning you can set elves houses on fire or their trees, giving you an advantage in this situation.
  • Optional features: Orb could come to life if it doesn’t hit anything when cast.
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.

Scroll of mapping

  • Weight: 0.5
  • Price: 100
  • Type: Scroll
  • Special Powers: Reveals the whole map surrounding the caster with a diameter of 50 squares, as if the keeper had visited the area
  • Concept: See what lies beyond.
  • Purpose in game: Decent for strategic play.
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.

Scroll of trap destruction

  • Weight: 0.5
  • Price: 300
  • Type: Scroll
  • Special Powers: Destroys nearby traps
  • Concept: Rare item, but useful.
  • Purpose in game: Sometimes you know the trap is there, you just want to destroy it.
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.

Scroll of blinding darkness

  • Weight: 0.5
  • Price: 200 gold
  • Type: Scroll
  • Special powers: Blinds all nearby creatures temporarily.
  • Concept: Rare scroll. Quite useful.
  • Purpose: Combat
  • Discussion:

Scroll of knowledge

  • Weight: 0.5
  • Price: Must find in the game. Cannot buy.
  • Type: Scroll
  • Special Powers: grants one free technology from the technology tree. Always one you don’t have already.
  • Concept: Speed up research, if you can find one.
  • Purpose in game: Replace the existing technology books, which rarely give you anything you don’t yet have.
  • Optional features: Remove from the map while retiring dungeon. These should no be for stockpiling.
  • Discussion: (If you read it and you have all technologies unlocked, you will get a message saying “Nothing happened”, and if you read this as an adventurer, you will get the message “You become smarter”, but nothing happens as well -Amazed)

Scroll of Blinking

  • Weight: 0.5
  • Price: Must find
  • Type: Scroll
  • Special Powers: Creates an anchor point at the tile where it is read and gives the reader a one-time blink spell that lasts for 50 turns. If the blink spell is activated, then the creature returns to the anchor point.
  • Purpose in game: Can be used to activate and then run from traps.
  • Discussion:


Make all the mushrooms useful, but double-edged, rather then making some straight useless. This would both make it worthwhile to find and carry all mushrooms, not just of strength and dexterity, and give the players some nice decisions when to use the double-edged ones. Good example already in game would be rage mushroom - giving you attack while decreasing defense. – Red kangaroo (/keeperrl_wiki/talk) 17:40, 28 February 2017 (CET)

Magic Mushroom

Still causes hallucination, but also grants see invisible - very useful when you know there is an invisible enemy around, but can’t find him, but carries a risk when used with many enemies around. Hallucinatory mushrooms were after all used by shamans to see the spirits, so you should be able to do so, too. :D

Panic Mushroom

Should cause fear and boost speed - great for running away!

Forest Mushroom

Grants temporary elf vision.



  • Special Powers: Read (apply) to learn a new spell or skill. Consumable, so only usable once.
  • Concept: Let’s your minions learn skills and spells they otherwise couldn’t, but at the cost of a rare consumable item. Also great for adventurers.
  • Purpose in game: Gives the minions that could very well use magic, but cannot study it in library (doppelgangers, mostly) limited access to spells. Mostly useful for adventurers, though, as they would greatly benefit from being able to learn new skills and spells. There should be skill- and spellbooks for the various traits, for example:
    • book of knife throwing (either grants knife throwing, or increases it by 10-30%)
    • book of archery (either grants archery, or increases it by 10-30%)
    • book of deception (grants deception spell)
    • book of meteor shower

Red kangaroo (/keeperrl_wiki/talk) 17:07, 27 February 2017 (CET)

  • Discussion:

Tome of Alacrity

Rare book that grants slight permanent increase in speed to whoever reads it before disappearing.

  • Discussion:

Tome of misfortune

  • Weight: 10
  • Price: 1
  • Type: Book
  • Special Powers: Causes something bad to happen to whoever reads this. Can either 1. Spawn rats, 2. Spawn acient spirits that attack you, 3. Nothing happens, 4. Cause one of your limbs to fall off your body, 5. Give you 1 gold, 6. Make you insane for 10 turns, 7. Cause you to panic for 20 turns, 8. Give you 5 more Tones of Misfortune, 9. Poison you for 40 turns, 10. Make you “Unhappy”, 11. Make you blind for 20 turns, 12. Erase your memory, meaning you forget where you have been, so all the fog on the map comes back, meaning the places you’ve already explored get covered in fog.
  • Concept: A really bad item for fun.
  • Purpose in game: An Item that no one would use, but it’s fun to see the outcome. Item to trick people into using it, if they’ve never seen it before.
  • Optional features: More randomness.
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.

Non-equippable weapons


  • Purpose: Thrown at an enemy like a knife. Does not do damage, but will entangle if it hits its target
  • Purpose in game: Lets powerful melee units catch up to their targets; or allows other units to escape from pursuers

Next consumable

(Copy this as a template)

  • Weight: ?
  • Price: ?
  • Type: (Potion/Scroll/Mushroom)
  • Thrown accuracy (potions only): ?
  • Spell triggered: ?
  • Special Powers: ?
  • Concept: What is the basic concept behind this?
  • Purpose in game: What makes this thing unique?
  • Optional features: What other things could be added to make it even better?
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.


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