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Requests For New Traits


Existing traits are:

Animal, Blind, Brainless, Carry Anything, Courage, Explore, Humanoid, Fire Creature, Flying, Not Breathing, Innocent, Poison Resistance, Stationary, Uncorporal, Undead

Equipment Limitation


No Armour (Implemented: Imps and goblins - eg. Alpha 25)

  • Purpose: Prevent wearing of armour by some creatures.
  • Suggested creatures: Ogre, Harpy
  • Reasoning: Ogre is too large, Harpy is odd-shaped.
  • Discussion:

I think the Harpy should have armor, but maybe not heavy armor Owen (/keeperrl_wiki/talk) 01:11, 27 February 2017 (CET)

No Two Handed

  • Purpose: Prevent wielding two handed
  • Suggested creatures: Harpy
  • Reasoning: Too heavy to wield for flying creature

No Heavy Armour

  • Purpose: Prevent wearing metal armour
  • Suggested creatures: Orc shaman and Vampires
  • Reasoning: Not suitable for creatures that want to use magic
  • Discussion: Would also suggest this for Orcs. Orcs can used ranged and two-handed weapons and light armor; they shouldn’t get to use everything.

No ranged weapon

  • Purpose: Prevent use of ranged weapons
  • Suggested creatures: Zombies
  • Reasoning: They just aren’t clever enough to do this


Paralysis Immune

  • Purpose: This monster can’t be stunned
  • Suggested creatures: Elementals and automations
  • Reasoning: These monsters are not biological, so do not get paralysed.

Invisibile (Implemented in code but not applied)

  • Purpose: Get attacked by invisible monsters sometimes. Perhaps have a minion type like ghosts who can scout invisibly.
  • Suggested creatures: New villain? How about ghosts, they are under powered at the moment?
  • Reasoning: Some monsters are just invisible by nature
  • Discussion: I’m afraid that in this state this would mostly cause a WTF reaction from the player and wouldn’t add much meaningful gameplay.

Telepathic (Implemented in Alpha 25. Some vampires are now telepathic)

  • Purpose: Some monsters can still see you when you are invisible
  • Suggested creatures: The elementalist might be telepathic
  • Reasoning: Some creatures would be telepathic by nature and not need a telepathy helm.

Pack Leader / Pack Member

  • Purpose: Unit will gain global stat boost (maybe just morale) if its pack leader is present
  • Suggested creatures: wolves, werewolves, other bestial units; humanoids can act as pack leaders
  • Reasoning: rudimentary interaction between units

Loner / Gregarious

  • Purpose: Unit’s morale will be severely hampered / boosted in the presence of allies (and vice versa)
  • Suggested creatures: legendary humanoids
  • Reasoning: forces player to use unit in team or alone


  • Purpose: Unit will only fight if it is allowed to be the leader of a team
  • Suggested creatures: humanoids
  • Reasoning: forces player to control team with certain unit

Pass through walls

  • Purpose: Can walk deep into rock and right through walls.
  • Suggested creatures: Ghosts
  • Reasoning: Buff Ghosts.

No Sleep (Implemented in Alpha 24)

  • Purpose: The monster doesn’t sleep and cannot be put to sleep
  • Suggested creatures: Elementals.
  • Reasoning: Doesn’t make sense. Was even able to put a boulder trap to sleep!


  • Purpose: The unit can always detect hidden or cloaked units that are in the Line of Sight of the detecting unit
  • Suggested creatures: bats, ravens, and similar units that would be otherwise useless
  • Reasoning: Give these weaker creatures some strategic value

Heightened sense of smell (Hypernosmia)

  • Purpose: The unit can detect the approximate location of traps or enemies from beyond visible range
  • Suggested creatures: wolves, bears
  • Reasoning: Give these weaker creatures some strategic value

Agoraphobic / Claustrophobic

  • Purpose: Unit performs worse in open areas / enclosed areas
  • Suggested creatures: Any creature at random. (Including both minions and invaders?)
  • Reasoning: Makes some creatures suck more in some situations
  • Discussion : Sounds cool. Give them an equal and opposite buff in their preferred environment, so you are not tempted to drown them? (Keeperman).
  • Discussion : Undead could be immune.
  • Discussion : Enclosed areas could be anywhere in the dungeon. Open areas could be anywhere outside the dungeons.
  • Discussion : Since we are building a dungeon, most minions would perform better in dungeons anyway (maybe except wolves)


  • Purpose: Allow a creature to level up more on real fights (without training). So, also remove training task
  • Suggested creatures: Certain legendary beasts and humanoids. Recruitable adventurers.
  • Reasoning: Sometimes fun to play a rogue-like assault on dungeons during a game as keeper.


  • Purpose: Prevent dopplegangers from absorbing these (No Over-Powered dopples)
  • Suggested creatures: Some rare additions to your dungeon (perhaps future creatures)
  • Reasoning: Some creatures won’t be absorbable (even if they join your dungeon)

Water creature, Lava creature or Rock creature

  • Purpose: Make some creatures natural to certain terrain. Hard to leave the water or lava or rock tiles. If they do, they will move very slowly.
  • Suggested creatures: Sea monsters, lava monsters or bleeding stone
  • Reasoning: Warfare in often inaccessible terrains. Terrain boarders such as lakesides. Very fast movement in their natural terrain.

Trap immune

  • Purpose: Never triggers traps. (Doesn’t disarm them either, which is what the “disarming” skill does)
  • Suggested creatures: Ghosts
  • Reasoning: Ghosts and other creatures are not solid enough to trigger traps.

No levelling (Implemented in code but not applied)

  • Purpose: Minions that start at a decent level but cannot gain additional levels. Slightly different play style.
  • Suggested creatures: Perhaps some rare, recruitable creaturess.
  • Reasoning: Animated swords for example, would not gain combat experience by killing things.

Inventory Recall

  • Purpose: When a minion who has this trait dies, everything in its inventory gets magically transported back to equipment storage.
  • Suggested creatures: Anything that can carry equipment could be capable of learning Inventory Recall. (I.e., it could be learned by reading a scroll, having a spell cast on the unit, etc).
  • Reasoning: It allows the player to treat some creatures as expendible


  • Purpose: Some units should have this Trait, like Vamp lords or Ghosts or whatever
  • Effect: Would give any near by enemy’s (except Dragons) a slight Attack Defence, and accuracy debuff(say -5 Atk/Def/Acc) while the effecting unit is in the enemy’s presence or until killed. the effect will last for 5 ticks after the effecting unit is killed or is otherwise dispersed in some way.


  • Purpose: Endgame Keeper trait + Strong ability for bosses, specially usefull if the dices hate you
  • Effect: When a creature dies, instead of its demise it appears in its bed/tomb/lair/whatever (throne room if keeper) but with X less lvls (I would say 10 min). If it is 10th lvl or less is destroyed normally.
  • Suggested creatures: Vampires, Bosses

Fast Regeneration and/or Lifedrain

  • Purpose: High health regeneration makes the player need to use burst damage strategys or health regeneration mitigations (like burning or poison)to deal with the enemy, changing strategys
  • Suggested creatures: Werewolf, Vampire, Succubus, Ghost


  • Description: Unit has insanely high defense or other statboost when in a 1-tile passage
  • Purpose: Counters 1x1 tile passages in defense


  • Description: Can snatch unequipped items off of hostile units

Tunnel fighter

  • Purpose: Increased defence depending on amount of walls around.
  • Suggested creatures: Dwarfs, minotaur, cyclops, hydra, soft monster, kobolds
  • Reasoning: Buff dwarfs, minotaurs and kobolds at home, possible buff of single villains attacking keep

Rock thrower

  • Purpose: Powerful ranged attack for creatures without ranged weapon
  • Suggested creatures: Cyclops, soft monster
  • Reasoning: Alternative physical attacking method for enemies without ranged weapon


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