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Requests For New Technology


Note: The cost of technologies should probably be such that you will rarely be able to get them all in a single game. Perhaps just one or two of the really powerful ones.

Unlock new spells

Elite Sorcery

  • Cost: 1500
  • Benefit: Unlocks a new set of spells (See the suggested spells)
  • Discussion

Basic/Advanced/Master Necromancy

  • Cost: 60,150,350 mana
  • Benefit: Progressively buff necromancy (if it becomes part of the game).

Dungeon boosts


  • Cost: 800
  • Benefit: Evil Eye can see farther/invisible units and night vision, Keeper Gains Permanent Stat buff of +2 to all base stats, Increase Pop cap by 10. Gain 5 Free Imps.
  • Discussion: Too generous? Increase cost or reduce benefits.


  • Cost: 5000 mana
  • Benefit: Population cap maxed out at 100 but minions need paying every day. If you run out of gold they refuse to do any tasks.
  • Discussion: Some players liked the old salary system. Perhaps make them happy :)

(Freeasabird)- Set this as an option in the menus. I sure as hell don’t wan’t this back. i LIKE large minion pools. they shouldn’t want payment, they should be loyal to your power as an evil dark lord.

Stone laying

  • Cost: 1000 mana
  • Benefit: Filling in dungeon tiles no longer costs stone. Make that wonder dungeon you always wanted to make without worrying about running out.

Discussion: -Freeasabird- I would think it would be more balanced if This tech advance would reduce the amount of stone used per tile. instead of 10 stone per tile it would be 5 or 3 stone per tile, more efficient use of stone.

Debris Management

  • Cost: 2000 mana
  • Benefit: Grant resource +20 stone for every 100 tiles mined by imps. Stone is left in a pile on dungeon floor for collection.

Economics (Implemented as alchemical conversion eg. Alpha 25)

  • Cost: 1500 mana
  • Benefit: Unlock trading. Buy and sell other resources from gold. Must find an ally to trade with first.


  • Cost: 500 mana
  • Benefit: Convert your unwanted weapons and armour back into resources (50% of what they were created from)


  • Cost: 7000 mana
  • Benefit: Give your keeper another chance, one extra life

Minion Buffs

Prosthetic Legs

  • Cost: 100 mana
  • Peg legs for everyone! Give your crippled units a peg leg so they can walk instead of crawl.
  • Lowers stat reduction from lost legs by 75%
  • Costs 50 wood each.

Military discipline

  • Cost 300 mana
  • Benefit: Make your minions braver in battle


  • Cost: 500 mana
  • Benefit: Imps get +20 speed to work faster


  • Cost: 700 mana
  • Benefit: Give creatures xp for doing their studying and crafting tasks (Levels earned by studying and crafting could be 2 or 3 max)

Hideous strength surge

  • Cost: 600 mana
  • Benefit: All existing minions get an immediate +3 _Strength_ boost - permanent but one off, use wisely

Unnatural dexterity surge

  • Cost: 600 mana
  • Benefit: All existing minions get an immediate +3 _Dexterity_ boost - permanent but one off, use wisely

Evil growth surge

  • Cost: 600 mana
  • Benefit: All existing minions get an immediate full recovery of limbs - one off, use wisely

Keeper mutation

  • Cost: 4000 mana
  • Benefit: Change his sprite and increase his dexterity and strength permanently
  • Would have to just upgrade his other stats and skills maybe give him new abilities, due to the latest update

Combat Succubus

  • Cost: 200 mana
  • Benefit: Succubus gains ability to use equipment and to train in the training rooms. (Needs to be doing rituals to give birth to legends).
  • Optional features: Gains one or more spells.
  • Alternatives: All of this without having to pay for the technology.
  • References:


  • Succubus gets the ability to give birth to one extra legend.

Regrow trees

  • Tree stumps turn into fully grown trees (or perhaps a % of tree stumps do). Plus burnt trees.

Basic energies

  • Cost: 1000 mana
  • Benefit: Reduces spell cooldown by 10% on all minions

Regrow limbs

  • Put the arms and legs back on your minions

Advanced energies

  • Cost: 2000 mana
  • Benefit: Reduces spell cooldown by 20% on all minions. Replaces basic energies

Master energies

  • Cost: 4000 mana
  • Benefit: Reduces spell cooldown by 30% on all minions. Replaces advanced energies

Minion Behaviours

Call to arms

  • Cost: 1000 mana
  • Benefit: Idle Minions automatically craft their own items and pay for it from their own pocket. However, this production is very slow.
  • Discussion: Some people prefer this style of play to the production queues.

Tactics (Military Tactics or tactical training?)

  • Cost: 150 mana basic (increases each time if there is more than 1 tier)
  • Benefit: Combat capable minions have extra tactical options depending on the minion type. (guarding, patrolling, long range only, certain spells only, etc.)
  • Optional features: Multiple tiers: basic, advanced, etc.
  • Alternatives: tactics available based on level of minion on an individual basis.

Self Preservation

  • Cost: 800 mana
  • Benefit: Imps will cancel their current task and fall back inside the dungeon during attacks. Afterwards, they resume their previous task.


  • Cost: 1000 mana
  • Benefit: Get access to the adventurer class as a minion.
  • Adventurers do not train or learn magic, but can level up from level 5 to level 20 by fighting real enemies in combat. Great rogue-like unit.

Building Unlocks

Settlements (Campaign mode only)

  • Cost: 5000 mana
  • Benefit: Plant a settlement on a different map tile in the world map.
  • Discussion: Some players have asked for this, but I heard it is technically difficult


  • Cost: 10000 mana
  • Benefit: Build walls Wood/Stone/Iron/Steel outside your dungeon in the hills and woods beyond.



You are the the Evil Overlord of Devilish minions. No Humanoid Tribe would Deal with you without the point of a blade at your throat. Diplomacy with minor allies (of the keeper) on the other hand should be a thing.


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