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Requests For New Tasks And Skills


Existing skills are: Absorption, Ambush, Archery, Construction, Copulate, Disarm Traps, Elf Vision, Healing, Knife Throwing, Night Vision, Sorcery, Stealing, Swimming, Unarmed Melee, Weapon Melee

Existing tasks include: Training, sleeping, eating, studying, crafting, whipping, sitting on the throne.


  • Locations: Graveyard, battlefield
  • Purpose: New spell school. Learn spells in the graveyard instead of library. Different spell set.
  • Suggested creatures that have this task: Vampires
  • Optional features: Necromancy spells could include draining life force, raising temporary skeleton “pets”, ball of darkness, poison bolt
  • Optional features: Unlock spells with new technology. Could cost huge mana to encourage players to look for the book item instead.
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  • Locations: New tavern location
  • Purpose: Make minions happy
  • Suggested creatures that have this task: Goblins, Orcs, Ogres
  • Optional features: Recruitment at the tavern.
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  • Locations: Anywhere
  • Purpose: Minions can gain combat experience but also get wounded.
  • Suggested creatures that have this task: Goblins, Orcs, Ogres
  • Optional features: Restrict brawling to a new fight-pit
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  • Locations: Anywhere
  • Concept: Rebellion. When asked to work endlessly without sleep, food or a good beating.
  • Concept: Minions lose morale when working endlessly. They get it back by eating and sleeping. (Although the situation can also be fixed by whipping them).
  • Concept: Creatures at the lowest level of morale don’t do any crafting or training tasks.
  • Purpose: Management of morale could be interesting. If you don’t want to manage it, just keep their sleeping, eating, whipping tasks ticked and they will naturally continue as always.
  • Suggested creatures that have this task: Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Orc Shaman, Harpy, Dark elves, Human legends
  • Optional features: Creatures turn hostile after 24 hours of being in rebellion.
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  • Located in :Lakes, rivers, underwater lakes/rivers.
  • Benefit +1 population (one off) after catching fish.
  • Suggested creature: goblin
  • Task could take 500 turns to get the population boost.
  • Discussion: ….

Alluring Dance

  • Cooldown: 30/40 ticks
  • Concept: An ability for the Succubus, when used it will enthrall avery Humanoid target in view or within a certain distance. enthralled targets will basically be defenceless to an extent. they won’t fight back, because they would be transfixed on the Succubus’s shaking hips and alluring gaze ;)
  • Purpose in game: gives the succubus SOMETHING to defend herself with.
  • Optional features: This ability will entrance a number of enemy Humanoids in her way, this will make her hold in place for a few turns while she dances, for i’m thinking 6 or 7 tics and the enemies will be enthralled for 5 or 6 tics after wards so as to give the succubus a chance to escape.
  • Discussion:


  • Concept: Enchant weapons with spell properties.

Weapon spells would activate on attack and have a CD. Examples: An enchanted bow that makes every 3rd arrow fired a explosive one, a dagger that burns its opponent every 4th atack, or cast haste on its wielder etc… (or it could be probability based)

  • Extra awesomeness if you could inscribe the items with a special name in/or description to conmemorate the event.
  • Optional features: armor enhancements


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