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Requests For New Rooms


Mushroom Farm

  • Cost per tile: 10 mana
  • Attracts minions: None
  • Production queue: None (Or perhaps you could choose production of different mushrooms)
  • Minion tasks: Eating
  • Technology: Mushroom farming
  • Spawning: Mushrooms (not pigs)
  • Spawn rate: Slow
  • Special effects: +1 population*
  • Concept: What is the basic concept behind this?
  • Purpose in game: What makes this thing unique?
  • Optional features: Minions could go there to eat mushrooms and get the effects of those mushrooms by eating them.
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.

Medical Room

  • Cost per tile: 15 iron and/or Stone
  • Attracts minions: None, can be worked by Orc shamans only.
  • Production queue: A better more fitting place to create Medkits.
  • Production queue: Attachable arm, attachable leg etc. Costings lost limbs (eg. orc arm etc.)
  • Production queue: Attachable limbs might work best as a new consumable, which can be applied to recover the limb.
  • Minion tasks: Surgery (Add to orc shaman)
  • Technology: Medicine (New technology costing lots of mana)
  • Spawning: Medkits (Instead of workshop).
  • Spawning: Attachable limbs.
  • Spawn rate: Depends on how many Orc Shamans are manning the room. Same as existing workshop for Medkits.
  • Special effects: Minions that are wounded or have lost limbs can get attachable limbs here (if the limb is an arm and is reattached to an orc that lost an arm and is still fresh and not completely rotted, this would take some time)
  • Special effects and/or magically regrow limbs for a small sum of mana say 100 per limb.
  • Concept: Instead of just disarming them and then drowning them just send them here and NOT lose your lvl 56 Vampire lord. >:[
  • Purpose in game: Minions that lose limbs become all but useless. Now you can have them back in your army.
  • Optional features: Make Medkits, Reattach limbs for time and mana (and a supply of freshly lost limbs).
  • Optional features: Imps carry all lost limbs to the medical room instead of the graveyard. Imps still carry corpses to the graveyard.
  • Discussion: Keeperman 22/02/2017. Rearranged the wording to clarify. Tried to keep the whole idea the way it was intended. (added a bit)


  • Cost per tile: 30 gold
  • Attracts minions: None.
  • Production queue: Convert resources to gold and gold to other resources.
  • Minion tasks: Trading
  • Technology: Currency
  • Spawning: Resources or gold
  • Spawn rate: Increases with more minions
  • Special effects: Trading, which is kind of missing at the moment
  • Purpose in game: Juggle resources at a small cost
  • Optional features: Could be done without minions and without a new trading task or currency technology
  • Similar features: Similar to the way that a steel furnace can turn iron into steel. The market could do the same for iron into gold and gold into stone etc.

Slave Market

  • Room: Slave Market
  • Cost per tile: 40 gold
  • Attracts minions: Slavedriver = An orc warrior with an extra minion task (slavetrading)
  • Production Queue: 50 gold for each prisoner sold
  • Minion tasks: Slavetrading (Brings prisoners out of the prison and auctions them in the market on a production queue)
  • Technology: Trading
  • Spawning: Slavedriver (see requests for new minions)
  • Spawn rate: Slow
  • Special Effects: Some kingdoms would like to buy their prisoners back for gold. They can also offer not to attack you for 2 prisoners etc.
  • Purpose in game: Money. Balance amount of gold per prisoner with speed of production queue.
  • Optional Features: Jack up the prices (if they ever want to see their loved ones again). Higher price slaves increase the production time but give you more gold. Have a few different price options on the production queue.

Guard room

  • Cost per tile: 5 gold
  • Minion tasks: Defences
  • Technology: Guard rooms
  • Special effects: A fortified room where defending creatures get a defence bonus added to their normal defence (while doing the “defences” task).
  • Purpose in game: Allow fortifications that can be built and manned by creatures, at a reasonable cost.

Beast Pit

  • Cost: 10 wood
  • Attracts: Beastmaster
  • Production Queue: N/a
  • Minion Tasks: Train Beast
  • Technology: N/a
  • Spawning: N/a
  • Special Features:N/a
  • Purpose in game: Beastmasters will take a beast to a tile and “train” them the same way normal minions train.
  • Optional Features: Training lowers beasts health and has a chance to slay beast based on Beastmaster’s level. Grants high EXP in return.


  • Cost: 50 granite
  • Production Queue: Granite
  • Minion Tasks: Goblins or Prisoners. Mine/Forced labor
  • Tech: Master Geology
  • Spawning: Granite
  • Spawn rate: Slow. Need ten tiles to get one granite a second.
  • Special effects: Sometimes summons an angry earth elemental
  • Purpose: Provide final small source of resources in end game
  • Optional Features: Chance of being crushed to death while working.

Ore Mine

  • Cost: 50 Iron
  • Production: Iron
  • Minion Tasks: Goblins or Prisoners. Mine/Forced labor
  • Tech: Master Geology
  • Spawning: Iron
  • Spawn Rate: Slow. Need ten tiles to get one iron a second.
  • Special effects: Sometimes summons an angry eath elemental.
  • Purpose: Provide final small source of resources in end game
  • Optional Features: Chance of being crushed to death while working.


  • Cost per tile: Area designated on map, and furniture added to this space. Furniture options include
  1. Chair (20 wood) 2. Pool Table (50 stone) 3. Bar (Requires alchemy skill, Beer costs 10 mana each, 50 wood per furniture) 4. Poker table (50 wood)
  • Attracts minions: Orcs,
  • Production queue: What does it produce. Lets minions have free time to drink and play games! Boosts morale, and gives them something else to do.
  • Minion tasks: (1) Free Time. (2) Work at Bar.
  • Technology: Unlocked at start. Invest in resources to make better.
  • Spawning: Beer. Consumable to raise morale.
  • Spawn rate: Fast.
  • Special effects:
  • Purpose in game: Make the dungeon feel like city. Gives the minions a way to raise morale so they are more productive.
  • Optional features:


  • Cost per tile: How much of which resource: multiple resources, 5 wood, 5 iron, and 5 granite per tile, also requires a rather large space to be allocated for best effect, only the outer edge of the room needs to have arena tiles in it, as inner tile will default to arena floor
  • Attracts minions: none or elite minions
  • Production queue: Produces stronger minions and gold based on gladiators levels
  • Minion tasks: any minion willing to participate, new task (gladiator) requires 2 minions to function
  • Technology: Gladiator training (new tech)
  • Spawning: Specific items created: none
  • Spawn rate: Fast or slow: normal speed, sped up by controlling one of the minions
  • Special effects: pits two minions against one another to the death, the victor receives a strong stat boost and exp the loser dies, stronger minions need stronger opponents
  • Purpose in game: allows training of elite minions with higher base state and more power while also helping weed out weaker minions you are an evil wizard after all
  • Optional features: What would make it even better? champion dueling, summoning a great champion from a hostile tribe, beating them rewards a set of loot or a temporary halt to hostilities, losing costs you a strong minion who becomes the prisoner of the enemy.

Limb Workshop

  • Cost per tile: 100 iron
  • Attracts minions: minions created from dead bodies and limbs
  • Production queue: creatures from dead bodies and limbs with various powers
  • Minion tasks: Workshop? or some special skill like limbworker
  • Technology: Limb workshop
  • Spawning: none or maybe bone items like bone skull to increase magic
  • Spawn rate: Slow, need more workers
  • Special effects: could be alternative stockpile for bodies
  • Purpose in game: Bodies and limbs will have purpose now
  • Optional features: Real skills of individual enemy(for example in endless mode) will affect powers of created creatures.

New room (Requested)

  • Cost per tile: How much of which resource?
  • Attracts minions: ?
  • Production queue: What does it produce?
  • Minion tasks: What minions are needed and what tasks must they have to work the queue?
  • Technology: What new technology unlocks this?
  • Spawning: Specific items created
  • Spawn rate: Fast or slow? How can you speed it up?
  • Special effects: Neat features…
  • Purpose in game: How does it add to the game?
  • Optional features: What would make it even better?


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