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Stone door

  • Stength: Better than wood
  • Cost: 20 stone

Iron door (Implemented in Alpha 24)

  • Stength: Better than stone
  • Cost: Iron

Adamantium door (Implemented in Alpha 24)

  • Stength: Better than Iron
  • Cost: Adamantium

Magic door

  • Stength: Better than steel
  • Cost: 300 mana

light Sources


  • Cost: 10 wood

Crystal orbs

  • Cost: 10 Iron and 35 Mana
  • Can be placed like eyeballs-Gives off a Blue light.

Skull candles

  • Cost: A humanoid head/Skull and 3 wood

Large Bronze Brazier

  • Cost 10 Iron and 10 wood
  • A large four square Brazier that gives off more light then any torch. Preferably placed in large rooms like the throne room or large intersections of your base.

Standing Torch (Implemented in Alpha 24)

  • A torch that stands on the ground instead of a wall


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