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Requests For New Armour


Elven Steel War Helm

  • Defence: 5
  • Weight: 5
  • Price: 1000 gold
  • Type: Helmet
  • Special powers: None
  • Concept: What is the basic concept behind this?
  • Purpose in game: Top of the range helmet but very expensive. No magical powers, just a great helm.
  • Optional features: Reduce likelihood of damaged eyes and heads
  • Discussion:

Full elven steel plate armour

  • Defence: 12
  • Weight: 300
  • Price: 2000
  • Type: Body
  • Special powers: None
  • Concept: Stupidly heavy and expensive armour that is also the best physical protection available
  • Purpose in game: For very strong creatures that you really want to spend out on.
  • Optional features: Heavier, costlier, more defence bonus
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.

Invisibility cloak

  • Defence: negative 15 (-15) and also strength negative 5 (-5)
  • Weight: 1
  • Price: 10000 mana
  • Type: Body
  • Special powers: Yup, makes you invisible but also reduces your defence and physical strength
  • Concept: You can be perminently invisible but it is not cheap or easy
  • Purpose in game: Could be worn by a new villain, not just for keepers to wear.
  • Optional features: Worsen stats further and cost even more mana. Drop items in inventory when your strength goes down.
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.


  • Defence: Good
  • Weight: Fairly heavy
  • Price: Fairly Expensive
  • Type: Body
  • Special powers: Deals a percentage of the attacking players melee damage
  • Concept: Can be used to tank enemy melee units
  • Purpose in game:
  • Optional features: The thornmail doesn’t need to be an actual item, but could also be a trait (thorny) applied to any piece of armor
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.

Crown of command

  • Defence: None
  • Weight: Light
  • Price: Expensive
  • Type: Head gear
  • Special powers: When worn by the keeper gives +5 minion capacity in the dungeon.
  • Concept: Special keeper equipment to buff his dungeon.
  • Purpose in game: Mix armour with dungeon buffs.
  • Optional features:
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.

Next armour (Copy this as a template)

  • Defence: ? - ?
  • Weight: ?
  • Price: ?
  • Type: (Helmet/Body/Gloves/Boots)
  • Special powers: ?
  • Concept: What is the basic concept behind this?
  • Purpose in game: What makes this thing unique?
  • Optional features: What other things could be added to make it even better?
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.


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