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Requests For Game Messages


  • French Versus
  • Russian Demo
  • “Excuse me!” when you walk past a monster. Should be less polite. (unless it’s to the Keeper)

UI Improvements:

  • Items in production could really benefit from a 100% meter over the progress bar
  • Even better: The 100% and item being created could appear in the description text (the one that has the x and y coordinates)when you hover a workshop
  • Remove construction IMHO should be right down cut&dig, as making mistakes in positioning is really common and not worth 2 clicks.
  • Message board needs a tooltip explaining how to use it (with a minion)
  • Health on minions (even the controled one) is partially displayed, and while it may be for immersion at least you should know if people arround you are healthy, sick, injured, upset, focused, almost dead etc…
  • Food and sleep arent really explained on how they affect minions: do they heal them? are they needed to mantain good morale?
  • Morale should be explained in the UI or Tutorial
  • Resources, specially mana could benefit from telling the player how much are increasing per turn/sec/min

Room Clutter:

  • A new category “Sleeping rooms” could contain: beds, beast cages and graveyard (tombs)
  • A new category “Reputation”/“Infamy”/“Recognition” could be used for: Pigsty, Throne Room, Statues and Prisioner Heads (making improvements on population easier to understand)


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