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Player Requests For New Game Mechanics


Game Mechanics

Ideas that are not about content

Fixed exit points

currently you can exit on the world map from any point of the map, which negates challenge and allows you to abuse it a lot. Let’s say your elite ogre surrounded by dwarfs and about to die. Right now you can easily run away. I suggest changing it, so you can exit only from edges of the map. Also you shouldn’t be allowed to adventure when your keep is under attack.

Defence bonus in 1 title wide tunnels

currently minions standing on the exit from tunnel have too much advantage, as they can hit 1 minion with 3+ unpunished. I suggest giving minions defence bonuses based on amount of wall/barricade titles around them: 0/1 - none, 2 - +1, 3 - +2, 4 - +4, 5 - +6, 6/7 - +9, 8 - +12


currently almost all the minions default to melee attacks whether they are good at them or not I think having units with attack inability would be good, like not letting orc shamans use melee weapons but instead fling magical projectiles at enemies and units with bows (except the controlled one) fire at enemies until they get into melee range, also if the attack would hit an ally they won’t use the attack, so in cramped halls there is no slaughter fest from friendly fire, lastly let orc shamans heal the lowest hp target from range, not directing it lends more feeling to them selecting their target rather than flinging a spell

Guard Duty

How about putting minions like orcs and ogres or any combat minion on guard duty. The minion stands their and attacks when within a given range. The minion can still sleep/eat but guard duty overrides other jobs.

Wandering Enemies

Not so much as a request for new villains, but for more wandering enemies to attack your lair/keep. Currently, if I stay in my keep and not attack, I can build up to tier 3 dummies and have my minions almost maxed without being attacked once. I usually reach that point around turn 17000. I’m thinking that these wandering enemies attack around every 1000 turns and have their level/difficulty increase like every 2000 turns. You can use an uploaded player’s adventurers as a wandering enemy. Just a thought.

Crafting Requirements

I think it would be more fun if you were not able to build absolutely everything as soon as a certain tech-level was unlocked. Rather, mana could unlock the ability to construct furniture, but the instructions/recipes to craft individual items would have to be discovered in scrolls or books (in the same way that the Beast and Humanoid mutations must be discovered). Items would still cost time and resource to produce like they do now. I argue for this feature because I think it would add a little bit of variety to each game by forcing the player to be more careful with certain types of equipment while being less so with others.

Crafting Materials

Specific items and furniture could include crafting materials that you can loot from bodies or bases as a specific subset of objects such as cloth, essences, gems, etc. In order not to make the UI cumbersome it could be added as a materials inventory and storing this stuff in crates altogether rather than creating visual resources for each at first. When minions return from raids the keeper could state “now we can make X” on a quick popup. This mechanic would ‘encourage’ the player to go out and risk the army to get the good stuff or create great amounts of wealth to attract bigger raids that could yield nicer loot.

Revamped Mining and Base construction (for Campaign Mode only)

  • Digging time is drastically increased

  • Stone is yielded from digging out tunnels instead of being discovered by geology

  • Each creature has its own “room” (where a room is a continuous space separated from other spaces by doors).

  • The maximum room size must be upgraded (i.e., through reinforcing walls).

Steam Achievements

I think implementing achievements is really a good idea.

Some Achievements I had in mind:

Keeper achievements:

  • Your evilness (Start a game as the keeper)
  • Great evil (Win a campaign as the keeper)
  • Bad evil (Get your keeper killed)
  • Genocide (Destroy a tribe)
  • Overpowered (Destroy a tribe using only one character)
  • Justice (Die as the keeper)
  • Undead army (Hire at least 1 skeleton, 2 zombies, and 1 vampire)
  • Spooky Army (Hire at least 4 ghosts)
  • Savage army (Hire at least 1 wolf, 1 bear, 1 raven and 1 bat)
  • Green Army (Hire at least 1 orc, 1 goblin, 1 ogre, and 1 orc shaman)
  • Prisoner of War (Capture a Prisoner and send them to a prison in your dungeon)
  • Expansion I (Destroy 500 blocks using minions, as the keeper)
  • Expansion II (Destroy 1000 blocks using minions, as the keeper)
  • Expansion III (Destroy 1500 blocks using minions, as the keeper)

Adventurer achievements:

  • Mighty Warrior (Start the game as an adventurer)
  • Mightiest warrior (Win a campaign as an adventurer)
  • Endgame (Kill the keeper as an adventurer)
  • Thor (Equip a lead-filled Warhammer)
  • Thief (Steal an item from a shopkeeper)
  • Traitor (Damage an ally and anger them)
  • Weakling (Die to a kobold)
  • Pest Control (Kill 50 rats)
  • High (Die while under the effect of a magic mushroom)
  • Crushed (Get crushed by a boulder trap)
  • Intoxicated (Die to a poison trap)
  • Did not see that coming (Die to a minion summoned by a surprise trap)
  • Fish (Drown)
  • Roasted (Fall in lava and die)
  • Sniper duel (Kill a harpy using a bow)
  • Conversion (Chat with a priest inside the human’s castle)
  • Crazy (Chat with an animal)
  • Instant Funeral (Die while sleeping on a grave)
  • Dark Lord (Read a scroll of permanent darkness)
  • Me Smash (Destroy the ogre tribe using a heavy club as a weapon)

Possible Endless Mode Implementation

The map is not one large map and instead laid out like the campaign. When a main villain or a lesser villain is killed, a new enemy moves into a blank tile on the map with a notification that “X built a settlement” or “Megazoid the Dragon moved in.” This new enemy behaves like the existing enemies.

Zombie Apocalypse

Purpose: Spice things up a bit. It can be unexciting to not be attacked for a while and left to your own devices. This mode is just like campaign, except at night a zombies spawn and attack the base as well as every villain. With each passing day, the numbers and levels increase to some cap. However, players are given one full day cycle (i.e zombies don’t spawn the first night) to prepare. Zombies spawn at two distinct time sets: (1) twice each night (Once 200 turns into night, or 200 turns before night ends) in half sized hordes or (2) One horde in the middle of night. Timing is random. After fighting enough waves, a boss wave appears. A boss wave includes 10 zombies and a boss unit. Bosses include vampire lord, necromancer from alternative keeper suggestions, or a unic creed with a random set of spells. Boss units have great loot (+ 400 gold, legendary sword). Zombie Apocalypse comes with an easy mode and hard mode.

Unit Animations and detail

Nothing major, just give a simple walking animation to the units. like theres the base idling image (what’s already in the game) of the unit but when they move around their limbs move to imply that they are moving. probably going to need Up down left and right facing animations and models as well. A little detail never hurt right?

disassociate tribes with being specifically villains/allies

To keep it short and simple: basically make not all humans, dwarves, elves and lizard people villains. And not all green-skins, ogres, harpys,etc allies.

enlargement & events for maps

Making the maps bigger and interconnected. also to make the game feel more “alive” you could make roads going through the maps and have different events related (or not) to the road: caravans and stuff( that you could attack and take prisoners and take their stuff), and just having more events in general other than attacks on your dungeon.

The Fruit of a Tree of Knowledge

Being a Keeper is all about studying forbidden knowledge and reaping the fruit of those studies. Along that line of thinking I propose using a ‘tech tree’ with a more obvious tree-like appearance. I’ve got a few suggestions for a tech tree that should allow us to add the variety of a bunch of classes, without the usual restrictions and limitations. I propose adding alot more complexity to the existing tech ‘tree’ by replacing the current achievements with a series of much smaller, bite size accomplishments.

Example: Geology Basic, instead of revealing nearby mineral pockets, it could provide a mark indicating that there may be a mineral deposit (which could also be a bust) but not tell the player what it is. Geology Basic could also unlock a ‘surveying’ option for imps or other minions to search remote areas for deposited minerals to harvest. Further study in geology could then result in revealing more accurate predictions about where to find valuable minerals and eventually the player could accurately predict what was where, along with perhaps some magics related deep earth, maybe research into subterranean monsters, and perhaps even unlock, say, an advancement in mechanical technologies related to geology, such as better mining tools, more efficient techniques, etc. That was just an example of how the current simple tech tree could be made complex and detailed to give the Keeper more variety in game play without the limitations of a ‘class’ being necessary - I’m not necessarily recommending that example be implemented as described.

Research vs. Development

To help slow down the rate of technology development, I propose that the Keeper needs to spend alot more time in a laboratory testing the theoretical ideas he has read about and calculated over, than he does in his Library. This is how ideas, like forbidden rituals, become reality, like the (pretty simple) process that summons and binds imps to service. Having to leave his cozy library could put an unwary Keeper at risk more frequently, which means the Player had better be paying attention to the Keeper. Also, a Keeper at work, is probably too busy working to produce alot of mana so, that’s gonna slow down the Research end of the process further.

The Tree of Knowledge Bites

Sometimes the Tree of Knowledge tries to, metaphorically, eat it’s Keeper. For example, it’s one thing to read about how to form and handle a fire orb, it’s an entirely different matter to master the technique without burning off your own hands, and likewise, summoning imps? Imps aren’t the only critter that can answer a summons if a Keeper is careless - you might get a hostile demon if you don’t do it just right. The point is, developing new technology has risks and it can be dangerous, sometimes, things just go wrong in the Lab, which is why I suggest a ‘Lab Test event’ for each major breakthrough. The Keeper could order whatever units the Player thinks might be needed to the Lab for the ‘big test’. If all goes well, the breakthrough happens without a hitch but a random chance of ‘whoops!’ could result in something fun like accidentally creating an uncontrolled golem.

If you want it done right…

One last distraction for our very busy Keeper, why are we trusting imps to build complex things like eyeballs and shrines? Seems that complex constructions like that should require oversight and direction, at least until a trustworthy, intelligent lieutenant can be selected to proxy on these tasks. I’m not clear on whether the imps are serving voluntarily or not but if not, I wouldn’t trust them to set up traps and magical constructions correctly on their own. Perhaps a game mechanic could be added where unsupervised minions slack off unless motivated by a promised reward (I’m aware that a fear of whipping currently prevents them from fleeing in battle.) The point of this sub-item is again that, a Keeper who is busy supervising the set up of an important new installation won’t be getting as much studying done.

Since we’re on the topic of distractions - all the denizens of the lair need some R&R, including the Keeper. I think the pigsty and succubi provide some of this but more distractions could be added for more chaos. I imagine the orcs would love to down a few sleeping potions after a hard day of training and a leg of pig, but if they’re sleeping those off, they may not be able to awaken to deal with the attacking bandits.

In summary, I propose a tree-shaped tech tree with the some or all of the following features (and mechanics): 1. Many, many sub-accomplishments in each branch. 2. Many distractions to prevent the Keeper from studying her/his chosen subjects including necessary Lab time, lab accidents, and situations which need the Keeper’s personal oversight. 3. Either no research limitations, as in, researching one path should not utterly deny access to another, or as few as possible.

  1. Cross discipline advancements - discoveries on one branch should occasionally surprise the keeper with advancements in another branch (studying necromancy could help the Keeper pick up a little healing, like, clean bandages work better- surprise!)

Legendary items

A really small % chance of crafting legendary items (increased with the skill): with a + “x to y” bonus. For example: a legendary statue could give 1 to 3 extra population. A legendary weapon could have extra 1 to 5 damage. A legendary library could improve mana recharge, a bed health regeneration for the sleeping monster etc…

Extra awesomeness if you could inscribe the items with a special name in/or description to conmemorate the event.


Being able to move constructions would be a great addition. I’ve noticed when I get further down the line in my campaigns that some constructions like Iron Training Dummies are still necessary for some units to spawn and the Adamantium Dummies don’t seem to count towards that. It would be a great QOL change if you could have your Imps just move some constructions around instead of having to destroy and rebuild them, it’s a waste of resources, especially near end game where they become finite after outfitting your army. -FPD

Rally Points

Having rally points inside your dungeon or even outside that you can assign individual units or teams to would be a welcome addition. Having imps standing in spots they shouldn’t or having everyone sit in the pigsty en masse is slightly annoying. With rally points you could set up a guard at the front of the base, a centralized work point or proper choke points for unit types when attacking. -FPD

Building Above Ground

Having the ability to construct buildings outside of the dungeon would be helpful. Creating say, a bunker for archers as an early warning system and to assist in dropping numbers in the early portions of the waves. Once you’ve destroyed the tribes on your part of the map, I think it would stand to reason to be able to terraform and build a bit more of the open plains, especially if other keeper types are added. -FPD


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