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Player Requests For New Content


Michal has indicated that he is interested in producing new content and may adopt player ideas. This section is here to facilitate this.

  • Please keep the standard rules about not submitting copyrighted content to the wiki. This includes any material of your own for which you want the copyright. (We are submitting our ideas into the public domain for Michal to use under an open source license)



Please just edit the the correct Wiki page and feel free to try the templates. Fill those out as best you can and post them underneath existing stuff. The big strength of wikis is the ability to collaborate. The templates are there to provoke ideas and structure the ideas (making them easier to implement). Try not to remove ideas that have already been written down, as this is probably counter-productive.

Game Content

Ideas for technology

Ideas for creatures


Ideas for items

Ideas for creature features

Ideas for constructions

Ideas for game maps

Ideas for alternative keeper characters

Requests for look and feel of the game

Game Mechanics has its own page

There may be some overlap between changing what the game contains (game content) and changing the way the game is designed (game mechanics).


Other items in this section