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Requests For New Minions


Please fill out the structure below. For stats “Terrible”, “Poor”, “Medium”, “Good”, “Excellent” will do as much as numbers.

Minions categorised below by where they sleep:

Humanoid (Sleep in beds)

Slave master

  • Start Level: 10
  • Strength: 35
  • Dexterity: 15
  • Speed: 25
  • Weight: 20
  • Size: Fat
  • Unarmed attack bonus: 5
  • Attack: 10
  • Defence: 10
  • Accuracy: 15
  • Traits: Humanoid
  • Tasks: Slave Marketing, training, eating, sleeping
  • Attractions: Slave Market (See requests for new rooms)
  • Concept: For Slave Market. Otherwise, similar to a normal orc warrior when in combat.
  • Purpose in game: Source of money
  • Optional Features:

Has a 3% chance that if he injures a beast unit (Ants, etc) No dragons… thats OP….. That if you have a beast cage… the beast unit will be yours.


  • I don’t know the stats and balancing nearly well enough to give stats.
  • Tasks: Sleeping, Training, Beast Training
  • Attractions: Beasts and Beast Cages. Would like a Beast Pit room for training beasts.
  • Concept: A large near-feral orc or ogre covered in fur and hides with an infatuation for beasts. Will train beasts.
  • Optional Features: Grants beasts an obedience buff for being in the same team as beasts.

Other recruitable humanoids

-Good minions: (Hyena-man, Fiends)

Undead (Sleep in graves)

Skeleton (Implemented in Alpha 23)

  • Start level : 4
  • Strength : 10
  • Dexterity : 15
  • Speed : 80
  • Weight : 50
  • Size : medium
  • Unarmed attack bonus : 10
  • Attack : 10
  • Defense : 15
  • Accuracy : 15
  • Traits : Humanoid, Undead, Brainless, No corpse
  • Skills : Weapon Melee
  • Tasks: : Train, Sleep in graveyard
  • Attractions: Training room + graveyard
  • Concept: Undead with weapon skills. Better at fighting than vampires but no spells.
  • Purpose in game: Fill a gap in your undead army with weapon melee.
  • Optional features: One day, perhaps the different corpses would yield different skeletons
  • Discussion: There is already an unused skeleton sprite in the game. I think that this could be particularly interesting if you could only spawn skeletons from corpses but they didn’t effect your unit count and couldn’t level or use gear. Perhaps the level could be based on the level of the corpse they spawn from?
  • Discussion: So could be a permanent minion or a temporary pet (Like flies). These could be two separate creatures with the same spite. The permanent minion could train etc. The temporary pet could turn back to bones after so many turns.


  • Start level : 3
  • Stats: Basically like a zombie, but a bit faster
  • Traits : Spontaneous combustion: can explode at will, damaging all units within blast radius
  • Tasks: : None
  • Concept: It’s a suicide unit
  • Optional features:
  • Discussion:


  • Powerful.
  • I don’t know the stats and balancing nearly well enough to give stats.
  • Tasks: Ritual, Studying, Training, Raising
  • Attractions: Over 800 mana, large library, torture table, demon shrine, throne.
  • Concept: Extremely powerful undead sorcerer. High health. Will turn corpses and bones into temporary zombies and skeletons during combat. Can transform other high level casters into a lesser lich. Drains life with unarmed attacks.
  • Optional features: Will request phlactery placement upon recruitment. Upon death, will respawn at phlactery after a duration. Slain if phlactery destroyed. Unarmed attacks have chance to temporally lower targets level, can stack.
  • Optional feature 2: All lesser liches destroyed with phlactery as well.

Lesser Lich

  • I don’t know the stats and balancing nearly well enough to give stats.
  • Tasks: Ritual, Studying, Raising, Sleeping
  • Attractions: Created by Lich with torture table and demon shrine.
  • Concept: Lesser version of Lich. High health. Can only raise two temp skeletons at a time. Cannot make other liches.
  • Optional features: Linked with master lich’s phlactery.


  • I don’t know the stats and balancing nearly well enough to give stats.
  • Tasks: Training, screaming.
  • Concept: Ungodly humanoid created by infusing necromatic energy into a living being while they are near death. Creates insane, intelligent zombies. High health, high attack, normal speed. Disturbs all living creatures, including your own minions, and presence lowers moral of living creatures. Enemies have chance to flee upon gaining visibility.


  • I don’t know the stats and balancing nearly well enough to give stats. Cannot use equipment.
  • Tasks: Sleeping, Eating, Canibalizing, Drooling, Sleeping
  • Attractions: Graveyard with corpses and limbs
  • Concept:Strong feral undead that only obeys as long as there are bodies and limbs to eat. If there are no bones or corpses to be found in graveyard, attacks nearest minions until sated. Minions become hostile during this time. Possible for ghouls to be killed by minions at this time/vice versa.
  • Optional Features: Attacks have chance to stun for short duration.


  • I don’t know the stats and balancing nearly well enough to give stats.
  • Tasks:Ritual, Studying, Training, Canibalizing, Sleeping, Torturing
  • Concept: Advanced ghoul that has regained intelligence. Can cast spells. Unarmed attacks paralyze. Obeys Ghoul rule about eating corpses. Will actively warn when out of food and keep ghouls calmer for longer without food. Will still go feral if without corpses for long enough.

Beasts (Sleep in cages)


  • Size : Huge
  • Attack : 40
  • Defence : 28
  • Traits : Swimming, ambush
  • Tasks: : Patrol
  • Attractions: Deep water
  • Concept: Sea monster for defending water
  • Purpose in game: stopping enemy flyers and swimmers from flanking by the river
  • Discussion:

Sea Monster

  • Start level : 25
  • Strength : 30
  • Dexterity : 30
  • Speed : 300 (But becomes 30 if it leaves the water)
  • Weight : 1000
  • Size : Huge
  • Unarmed attack bonus : 20
  • Attack : 10
  • Defence : 20
  • Accuracy : 15
  • Traits : Swimming
  • Tasks: : None
  • Attractions: Squares bordering underground lakes and rivers
  • Concept: Sea monster from mythology.
  • Purpose in game: Excellent for defending a lake or river. No training needed. Starts level 25. Hard to leave the water.
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.

Wall Monster

  • Start level : 15
  • Strength : 15
  • Dexterity : 15
  • Speed : 300 (But becomes 30 if it leaves the rockface)
  • Weight : 1000
  • Size : Huge
  • Unarmed attack bonus : 15
  • Attack : 15
  • Defence : 30
  • Accuracy : 20
  • Traits : No corpse
  • Tasks: : None
  • Attractions: Nothing special required. Low immigration rate.
  • Concept: A monster that lives in the dungeon wall and finds it hard to leave there.
  • Purpose in game: A good monster for hurting things in narrow corridors.
  • Optional features: Higher or lower toughness, to balance the nurf of having finding hard to move through space.
  • Optional features: Moves deep inside the rock tiles at high speeds.
  • Discussion: Discuss the idea here.

Giant snake

  • Attracted by pigsty
  • Sleeps in cage

Demonic (Do rituals instead of sleeping)

Ghost Armor

Start Level : 10

  • Strength : High
  • Dexterity : Med
  • Speed : Orc
  • Weight : High
  • Size : Orc
  • Unarmed attack bonus : Med
  • Attack : Same as weapon.
  • Defense : High
  • Accuracy : High
  • Traits : Poison Resistant, Stun Resistant, Weapon Melee, Courage.
  • Tasks: : Rituals, Training
  • Attractions: Ritual Room, Iron Training Dummy, Iron items.
  • Concept: Animated armor. The lost soul of a fallen warrior looking for revenge. When adopted, his body will become spare armor parts. Can only use iron boots, iron helm, chain armor. Can wield sword, axe, or hammer. Can function while headless and legless, but regains limbs when it gets armor back. Dies when loses chain armor in battle.Can’t wield arrows.
  • Purpose in game: Higher level demonic unit that can train.
  • Takes up 3 shrine slots.
  • Optional features: Maybe an undead unit instead? Guard duty?


Start Level : 5

  • Strength : Low
  • Dexterity : High
  • Speed : 150
  • Weight : Low
  • Size : Small
  • Unarmed attack bonus : High
  • Attack : N/A can’t wield a weapon
  • Defense : Low
  • Accuracy : High
  • Traits : Nightvision, Magic immunity, Trap immunity (Doesn’t disarm), Sorcery (10%). Explodes on death. (Small, like word of power)
  • Tasks: : Rituals
  • Attractions: Ritual Room
  • Concept: Annoying little pranksters. These guys are weak units, but meant to sow chaos in the enemy. Can’t wield equipment but can hold items, particularly offensive potions. Spawns knowing fire sphere, escape, and another offensive spell, but can’t learn other spells.
  • Purpose in game: Recruit a lesser unit, and gives keepers an incentive to build demonic shrines early. These units would be ability to bypass traps and throw potions at the enemy to sow chaos, and soften them up before invasion.
  • Takes up 1 shrine slot.
  • Optional features: Spawn in groups. Maybe have crafting ability to make potions.

Dark/Fallen/Corrupted/Hellish Angel

Start level : 14

  • Strength : High
  • Dexterity : High
  • Speed : 100+
  • Weight : Medium-Large
  • Size : Medium
  • Unarmed attack bonus : Less than a wolf, higher than average.
  • Attack : High
  • Defense : Medium-High
  • Accuracy : High
  • Traits : Flying, Healing, Weapon Melee, Nightvision
  • Tasks: : Rituals, Training, torture,
  • Attractions: Ritual Room, iron training dummy.
  • Concept: A fallen sadistic angel that thinks humans are awful.
  • Purpose in game: Recruit a decent unit from demonic shrines that can actually fight without additional help. Ghosts are useless, Succubus are sex slave, and doppelgängers require sacrifices.
  • Takes up 5 shrine slots.
  • Optional features: Boost morale of other units when leading them.

Shade or Demon

  • Start level : 4
  • Strength : 5 (it’s not really an attacker, set this like the Ghost i guess)
  • Dexterity : 14 (High its supposed to be quick and agile)
  • Speed : 100
  • Weight : (whats a Ghost weigh?)
  • Size : Medium
  • Unarmed attack bonus : N/A
  • Attack : 4
  • Defence : 80
  • Accuracy : N/A
  • Traits : Tough, Flying, Terrifying
  • Tasks: : Rituals, Possession, Torture
  • Attractions: Ritual Room
  • Concept: An Evil spirit Similar to the Ghost, but when it touches an enemy, it takes complete control of him until the Vessels death. would make excellent Doppelganger food for a shade/Demon would give it good stats and would give it the ‘Terrifying’ Trait.
  • Purpose in game: To sow true discord among the enemy.
  • Optional features: The Shade will appear similarly to the ghost, except it will be dark purple in color with Glowing Red (or green) eyes. it won’t be as fragile as the Ghost however and would be able to take a few hits before it is dispersed.
  • Optional features: A Shade/Demon when merly near an enemy would give it/them a 5 tick Fear debuff (Terrifying Trait) that lowers Accuracy and attack and defence slightly for its effect time (doesn’t effect Dragons) This effect will last for however long the Shade/Demon is in the enemy’s presence. the effect will then tick away when the Shade/Demon dies or Possesses one of the enemies.


  • ritual room
  • Spell caster
  • Invisible

Keeper elected “Champion”

Slight bonus to all stats, moral boost to nearby allies/debuff to adjacent enemies. Limited number of Champions at one time (3-5) Champion equipment is locked and once he/she/it die’s gear is destroyed as well.

Designated Unit’s

Defense Force, gains a slight buff to stats while fighting on the dungeon map and a debuff when fighting anywhere else. Attack Force, exact opposite of the Defense Force.


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