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One of the best features of my favorite game is its incredibly active modding community. There are so many talented creators out there who have put together an amazing array of mods that can completely transform the gameplay experience. From new weapons and monsters to entire new worlds to explore, modding has made the game feel fresh and exciting even after many hours of playtime.

Thanks to the game’s excellent modding tools, it is incredibly easy to install and use mods of all types. Whether you’re looking to simply make your keeper immortal, or overhaul the entire build menu, spells, creatures and maps, there are a huge number of mods available to suit every taste

Installing mods is usually as easy as clicking a few buttons in-game, and even troubleshooting issues is made simple thanks to the support of the game’s modding community.

In addition to making the game more fun and engaging, modding support has also helped to lengthen its lifespan. With regular updates and a constant stream of new mods coming out, players always have something new to try and explore, even many years after the game’s initial release. Overall, the game’s modding support is cool.

There is a lot of modding support for keeperRL and it can be accessed just by changing text files. The items in this section are very out of date and the section honestly needs rewriting.

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