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Historical Mythos


KeeperRL Historical Mythos

KeeperRL is an ever-evolving game that receives regular updates, and throughout its history, there have been 36 distinct periods represented by Alpha releases.

In the early days of the KeeperRL world, minor tribes were closely connected, and the lands were ruled by Dukes. The greatest danger to humanity was the fearsome Red Dragon, and over time, dragons of various colors appeared. The Evil Mage Keepers constructed dungeons to fight for control of their territories.

As time went on, the dark mages became more technologically advanced and powerful, and my records of KeeperRL history date back to a period known as A21.

Since A21, immigrants have flocked to the Keeper dungeons, bringing with them special skills and traits that can provide advantages and disadvantages to the dungeons.

During A21, the dreaded doppleganger demons rose to power within the mage dungeons, and these creatures have the ability to change form and absorb other creatures to gain access to their unique traits.

A22 saw the publication of a wicked guide for new, inexperienced leaders to set up dungeons and conquer their lands. This tutorial has been improved over time and is available to any Keeper who wants to try their hand at conquest.

In A23, Keepers were challenged by waves of invaders seeking to destroy their trap-ridden dungeons. After this period, mages began taking prisoners and converting them to their cause, rather than just using them as slave labor.

Later, Dark Knight Keepers brought with them the skills of building moats, and the KeeperRL universe began to split into a multiverse where each variation of the universe is known as a ‘mod’. Many new and diverse KeeperRL universes now exist due to the game’s modding support.

In A27, White Knights, Dark Knights, and Dark Mages began digging downwards into the earth, and the lower levels of these dungeons are still known as ‘Z-Levels’.

During A30, Gnome Keepers emerged, specializing in building magical machines that fight and work for them. Goblin Keepers, Dwarf Families, and Necromancer Keepers entered the lands to conquer them in the following periods, from A30 to A33.

Currently, we live in a period known as A36, where horseback riding, building high towers, and climbing mountains are useful for gaining control of the land. Many beasts can be mounted, opening up more options on the battlefield for Keepers. The various factions still compete for control of the World of KeeperRL.


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