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Gaining Familiarity With Mods On KeeperRL


  • The first recommendation is to get familiar with the existing modding system on KeeperRL
  • Read the Download_Mods wiki page
  • Install some existing mods
  • Test them
  • Make some simple changes to the mod files (Try some of the suggestions below) and test the changes.

Suggestions for simple changes to workshops_menu.txt

Remove wooden staffs from the workshop

Delete the line containing:


under the

# Workshop


Reduce the cost of golden staffs

In the line containing


on the

# Forge

section change the numbers in that line.

Sell rings of invisibility instead of wakefulness

Change the line containing


in the

# Jeweller section.

Change it to


Change an exchange rate for resources

In the

# Lab section.

experiment with changing the numbers.

Suggestions for simple changes to technology.txt

Include a mention of heavy wooden clubs considering two-handed weapon tech

Change the line containing

two-handed weapons

and edit the description text.

Remove the requirement for researching advanced sorcery before demonology

Change the line containing:


and delete this:

\{advanced sorcery\}

Suggestions for simple changes to player_creatures.txt

Make it impossible for mages to get the archery technology

Change line 9 containing:


Remove the text


Remove female adventurers

In the

# Adventures

section at the bottom delete this text:


Suggestions for simple changes to immigration.txt

Allow recruitment of gnomes

Find the

# Dark Keeeper

section. Look at the block where:

ids = \{ GOBLIN \}

Change it to:

ids = \{ GOBLIN GNOME \}

Recruiting all goblins without any insanity

On lines 54 and 55 in that section, remove the text:

LastingEffect INSANITY

Suggestions for simple changes to campaign_villains.txt

Remove green dragons from keeper campaigns

Delete the whole of Line 10 containing the text:


Remove red dragons from keeper campaigns

  1. Delete the whole of Line 8 containing the text:


Suggestions for simple changes build_menu.txt

Make it free to fill in stone blocks

On line 10 change the text:




Allow building of iron training rooms without the iron working tech

On line 155 remove the text:

TechId iron working


Other items in this section