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Console support

  • Full support for Steam Deck.


  • Creatures will train 70% faster.
  • AI will not throw healing and other potions at allies anymore.
  • Added a separate command for removing torches and other wall furniture, “remove construction” will now only remove the “middle layer” furniture, such as training dummies.
  • The “enemy aggression” difficulty setting will now also affect the aggression of Z-level enemies.
  • Starting biome will now be chosen randomly by default.


  • Rebalanced distribution and aggression of Z-level enemies to that they pose more of a challenge.
  • Animal pens can now be built outdoors.
  • Added custom wall reinforcement sprites for dwarves and necromancer factions.
  • Added custom library and training dummy sprites for the necromancer.
  • Added custom floors and training dummy sprites for dwarves.
  • Added custom throne, library and training dummy sprites for the white knight faction.


  • Full support for the Steam Deck console, including comfortable use of buttons and trackpads to navigate menus and control the game.
  • New main menu graphics made with the help of the Midjourney bot.
  • Reworked the mod menu.
  • Turn-based mode map highlight and navigation paths will hide when the player moves until the mouse cursor is moved again.
  • Fixed various issues with the “loading” dialog, made the “cancel” button actually work when downloading or uploading files or data.
  • Map selection will now always select rectangles instead of single tiles.
  • Removing map selection is done by starting the selection at an already selected tile, instead of holding the “ctrl” key.
  • Reworked the “choose number” menu (for example when changing item count in the workshop menu).
  • The “keeper is in danger” warning will now block the UI.
  • Merged ransom demand dialog with attack information window.
  • Moved all minion page actions, such as controlling or switching activity of a minion to the top of the page to improve clarity.
  • It’s now possible to travel across Z-levels in other dungeons in the turn-based mode using the Z-level menu.
  • Made it possible to navigate various menus such as world map, team leader choice and campaign setup, using keyboard arrows.
  • Made various small improvements to the Z-level menu.
  • Made team member icons smaller in the turn-based mode.


  • All build menu items must now be in groups.
  • Added a command line tool to generate an example z-level lineup and average enemy attack probabilities.


  • General optimizations in various gameplay processing code.
  • Optimized handling of large item stacks.
  • The game will not crash if item stacks contain more than 2^16 items. (not that shown item counts will be wrong though as they will “wrap”)
  • Multiple FPS optimizations in AI code.
  • Fixed an FPS issue caused by an NPC holding a potion of amok.
  • Fixed a possibility to circumvent furniture limits such as throne, stone statues, etc.
  • Made the game run more smoothly at given FPS by limiting single gameplay ticks to 20ms.
  • Fixed an FPS issue caused by creates trying to pathfinding to different maps.
  • Fixed start menu crash after deactivating a mod that adds a new sprite.
  • Fixed a retirement crash related to steeds.
  • Optimized the “show all messages” window.
  • The game will stop loading sprites from old, incompatible mods.


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