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  • Rebalanced combat favouring armies on the open battlefield (see item below)
  • Decreased minimum damage/defense ratio required to reduce health in combat.
  • New “spell speed” attribute, which influences spell cooldowns, and is acquired in training and from various equipment.
  • Workshop and other skills such as multi-weapon have been replaced with attributes.
  • Stealing items from allies will make them hostile.
  • Enemies may ambush you after you travel to their site.
  • Infernite weapons will cause actual fire damage.
  • Made it impossible to craft automaton corpuses without adding any upgrades.
  • Rat corpses can no longer be used to craft undead.
  • Peacefulness debuff duration reduced to 5 turns.
  • Removed unnecessary “nothing happens” message when healing didn’t have any effect.


  • New attributes/damage types: cold damage, acid damage, fire damage.
  • Added immunity buffs for all types of damage.
  • Added adoxium and infernite corpuses and arms for automatons.
  • New weapons: Infernite trident, elves staves, King’s Sceptre.
  • Added automaton “kaboom” head.
  • Disallowed crafting bone dragons from ki-rin corpses.
  • Allowed prisoner heads to be built outside.


  • Wielded weapons are rendered together with creature sprites.
  • Customizable keybindings for most keyboard controls.
  • Made it possible to scroll freely in the turn-based mode.
  • Torches are rendered above other symbols in the ASCII mode.


  • Attributes are moddable.
  • Buffs / lasting effects are moddable.
  • Body materials are moddable.
  • Added OnTheGround predicate for checking if a certain ingredient is laying on the ground.
  • Spell cooldowns should now be assigned a range, with exact value calculated based on creature’s spell speed.
  • Arithmetic expressions can be used wherever the game expects numbers in the game files.
  • All furniture with BedType set to PRISON can be used as prison.
  • Persistent immigrant teams (ex. wolf packs) have been removed.


  • Fixed pathfinding issues caused by removing portals.
  • Disallowed capturing companion creatures.
  • Spirit summons won’t be counted as unique for the purpose of calculating combat experience.
  • Clicking on portals in the real-time mode scrolls to the correct other portal position.
  • Removed bogus message about portal being inactive.
  • Using the stairs defocuses the item pick-up menu.
  • Enemy minions will not dig in their own territory in order to get somewhere.
  • Removed bogus blue dot from the minimap in the real-time mode.
  • Added an icon to the game window on Linux and Mac.


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