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  • New steeds mechanic, minions are automatically assigned steeds and mount them.
  • Multiple stairs per level are allowed.
  • Inter-level portals are allowed.
  • Stairs can be removed.
  • All Z-levels are aligned and stairs always lead straight up or down.
  • Home base level has been made smaller in order to have the same size as all Z-levels.
  • Simplified roof support mechanic that only requires ‘building interior’ to be designated.
  • Automaton assembling now uses the same, simpler crafting logic as the morgue.
  • All non-humanoids made from flesh can now be captured.
  • Added a ‘resistant to capture’ trait to some bosses.
  • Creatures won’t auto-equip infernite weapons without having fire resistance, player is warned when trying to equip.
  • Animal pens now require an animal fence to be active.
  • Wildlife respawns.


  • Some villains and bosses receive their own special steeds.
  • Some immigrants receive special attribute boosts related to riding steeds.
  • Added ridable horses and warhorses to the white knight faction.
  • Added hay piles for non-humanoids to eat at.
  • Added an infinite carry capacity balsam to necromancer’s lab.
  • Removed all beasts immigrants, must be captured in the wild now.
  • Merge multi-weapon and extra arms balsams.
  • New chicken and cow breeding techs.
  • Added special enemies to some mountain tops.
  • Added worship tech requirement to white knight priests.
  • Gallows and beast cages moved to prison menu.
  • Greenskins faction gets coffins to be able to recruit vampires.
  • Djinn lamp moved to a new location.
  • Leather equipment crafting no longer costs wood.
  • Imps no longer have a speed buff.


  • New menu for restricting equipment types for chosen minion groups.
  • New moddable help system with images and links.
  • Enlarging the minimap doesn’t block the rest of the UI.
  • Item choice menu has an owner counter to improve clarity.
  • Added a tooltip to the combat experience UI element.


  • Made possible to add new farm creatures.
  • Added SameTribe creature predicate.
  • Added Frequency predicate.


  • Fixed a retirement crash caused by a captured minion being tied to a phylactery.
  • Disabling an activity will stop minion from doing it right now.
  • It’s now impossible to set an activity that’s disabled.
  • Enemies that are stunned or unable to move are not considered for danger warning or preventing the player from travelling.
  • Master artisan’s bodyguards are fighters instead of civilians.
  • Archwood bow crafting requires archery.
  • Amulet of life saving is preferred to using the phylactery when killed by Death.
  • Fixed retired dungeons search box.
  • Unsecured prison tiles don’t increase prisoner quota.
  • Fixed forge material tabs for automatons.
  • Limited population increasing furniture can not be built over the limit.


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