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Released in April 2021


  • Improved combat formations AI, including keeping spellcasters and healers behind the front lines.
  • The type of AI can be switched between ‘melee’ and ‘ranged’ for every creature.
  • The game has the concept of polymorph, with multiple new polymorph spells and abilities of various kind.
  • Archer and mage classes receive the ability to have projectiles bypass allies with training.
  • Spellcasting AI will try to maximize the effect of projectile and area spells.
  • The speed and slowness effects apply only to movement and not other actions, ex. fighting, digging, etc.
  • Guarding activity and guard zones are split into three groups, and the activity is disabled by default.
  • Artifact potions with permanent effects are available as consumables in the minion menu, and minions will automatically consume them when ordered to pick them up.
  • The speed and slowness effects are allowed to coexist and cancel each other out.
  • The Keeper will also abuse workers, not only fighters.
  • The ring of spying will get destroyed if the spy attacks anyone.
  • The Keeper is allowed to copulate.
  • Peacefulness prevents creatures from using hostile spells and abilities.
  • Removed tech books.


  • Goblin faction adapted from the Bonus Mod.
  • Special z-level for the Goblin faction.
  • Orcs and ogres are replaced by goblins and trolls.
  • Vampires are granted the ‘lord’ status when reaching their max training level.
  • Added a ‘blink’ spell to vampires.
  • Shaman summons have been reworked as a generic companion system, with other creatures that have companions and pieces of equipment that can grant them. - Companions always respawn up to a certain limit, and their stats may depend on their owner’s stats.
  • Added setting to unlock all locked content.
  • Swords are swapped for clubs in bandits and rat people.
  • Green dragon has a ‘poison breath’ attack.
  • New red dragon lair.


  • Prisoners can be converted using the Effect system, so you can add other ways of conversion other than the torture table.
  • The type of AI can be defined as ‘melee’ and ‘ranged’ for every creature.
  • Added a Flag requirement to immigration.
  • Added the ability to add flags to chosen keepers.
  • ‘InTerritory’, ‘Humanoid’, and ‘Spellcaster’ creature filters.
  • ‘SpecialAttr’ effect, which adds attribute bonuses that depend on chosen filters applied to the enemy.
  • Added an ‘eyeball’ property to furniture, so that new eyeball types can be modded.
  • Particle effects, such as glitter can be added to custom furniture.
  • Added ‘SetCreatureName’ and ‘SetViewId’ effects (see the ennoblement spell).
  • Reimplemented ‘AITarget’, ‘AIDistance’ and ‘AIBelowHealth’ with a generic AI effect which uses creature predicates.
  • Ranged weapon logic is removed from the game. Ranged weapons instead grant spells/abilities that shoot the missile.
  • Ranged spells have a ‘maxHits’ attribute, which defines the max number of creatures that are hit by the spell.


  • Drag-and-dropping team members on the map in the turn-based mode causes them to receive go-to orders.
  • Improved the order of sprite rendering, getting a more natural ‘3d’ look.
  • Creature sprites are flipped horizontally based on their movement.
  • Reworked settings and ‘load game’ menus.
  • Added a message when content gets unlocked.
  • Improved workshop menu, including a ‘change count’ button.
  • Glyphs can be mass-applied to a stack of crafted items.
  • Added a ‘choose all’ button in the pillage menu.
  • Visual warning when torture is unavailable due to reached population limit.
  • Added a warning when spell or ability might harm an ally.
  • Question marks drawn in place of locked keeper and adventurer characters.
  • Started using short versions of very long workshop item names.
  • Creature description includes info on multiple heads.
  • Added a steam animation to automaton engines.
  • Added a ‘peacefulness’ effect animation.
  • Magic missile can be invoked using the ‘f’ key.


  • Prevented the leader from running after minions outside his base to abuse them.
  • Fixed a crash caused by casting a firewall or related spell on a candelabrum.
  • Added rendering optimizations.
  • Fixed storage warnings referencing a wrong storage type.
  • Workers won’t drink all the booze that they were to haul to storage.
  • Potions of booze won’t have an effect when thrown.
  • Glyphs can no longer be ‘applied’ in control mode, which did nothing and used up the glyph.
  • Fixed drawing bogus particle effects generated on different z-levels.
  • Fixed some enemy AI not returning to their territory at night.
  • The game considers peacefulness a negative effect so that AI uses it offensively.
  • Sleeping creatures will wake up when attacked by fire or acid.
  • Stopped Adventurer from sleeping multiple times if player keeps clicking the sleep order.
  • Fixed names of intrinsic items with prefixes, ex. fangs of poison, etc.
  • Shopkeeper debt is not shown if shopkeeper is dead or not nearby.
  • Fixed crash caused by recruiting allies that were stunned.
  • Fixed gnome traps requirements.
  • Fixed save incompatibility between the Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Fixed item tooltips in the pillage and trade menus.
  • Prevented creature attributes from going below 0.
  • Fixed crash caused by an applied item killing the creature.
  • Fixed mouse click glitch involving the mini map.
  • Fixed ‘RemovePermanent’ effect


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