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Released in Novemnber 2020

Content and gameplay

  • Warlord mode.
  • New unlockable Adoxie adventurer (already known by some from the bonus mod).
  • Reworked Demon Den level.
  • Reworked all castles in the game.
  • Reworked the top and the lava z-levels using new the map generation system.
  • Two new hidden z-level locations.
  • Four new hidden top-level locations.
  • Reworked blacksmith house.
  • Angels have wings.


  • Moddable map generation.
  • Macros in all modded content.
  • Added an “Unlock” effect which unlocks arbitrary game content (currently only new adventurers and keepers supported).
  • Added an enemy-only z-level type.
  • Settlement size can be defined as a range instead of fixed number.
  • Working command line flags, such as for testing map layouts or generating villains now works on Windows.
  • The “Simple” item heading can be skipped and the quoted name can be used directly.
  • The “Chain” heading in various data can be skipped in favour of just listing the elements inside {} brackets.
  • Mods can now append to existing workshop lists.
  • Added itemsRemovedEffect to Furniture, which triggers when any items are removed from the tile.
  • All “Vec2” values, like sizes and coordinates must be now surrounded by {}.
  • One-element range can be entered as just a number, without the {}.


  • Control-mode team leader can be changed by clicking on the team member icons in the top left.
  • The “lock/unlock” keys in minions equipment menu are highlighted for better visibility.
  • Creature choice menu (such as choosing absorption target or a new team leader) shows creature details when hovered using the mouse.


  • Fixed the interface for entering player’s first name.
  • Fixed crash caused by a conquering villain being retired while the player was controlling a creature.
  • The game no longer freezes or crashes if a player-controlled creature dies due to poison during game initialization.
  • Added more assertions for OpenGL errors.
  • Fixed crash while browsing the bestiary.
  • Fixed (potential?) crash caused by enslaving own minion.
  • The game won’t crash if a building id is misspelled in a mod.
  • Game executable size on Steam has been reduced from 700mb to 140mb.


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