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Full change log


  • White Knight keeper.
  • Outside buildings.
  • Basic modding support. Check out already existing mods here.
  • Dungeon leveling system, which replaces mana.
  • Red dragons breathe fire like they ought to
  • New luxury system based on furniture luxury meter, which replaces the previous tile efficiency system.
  • Undead sleep in (upgradable) coffins, and graves are only used to store corpses.
  • Fine and luxurious bed upgrades.
  • Added mummy minion. Starts slow and week, but can be trained to an extreme level.
  • Sitting on an enemy throne summons all enemy minions.
  • Some minions can be racist and be hostile even to otherwise friendly creatures of that race (for example prisoners).
  • Added slow/fast trainee/crafter special traits and corresponding rings.
  • Added adamantine helmet, boots, gloves and warhammer, iron gloves and golden staff.
  • Removed ‘sorcery’ skill. Spell cool-downs depend on spell experience level.
  • Wizard keeper starts with sorcery tech, Dark Knight with iron working, White Knight with archery.
  • Kraken tentacle length is limited to 15 tiles.
  • Graves and pits can be built outside.
  • ‘Population’ trigger depends on population counter, not total number of minions.
  • Creatures stop flying/levitating when they fall asleep.
  • Wizard keeper’s starting robe no longer grants magic resistance.
  • Adamantine golems dig much faster.
  • Vampire lord won’t start with an artifact staff.
  • Added candelabra.


  • New special effects and animations.
  • Wall and mountain tiles show cracks when being dug out/destroyed.
  • Keeper sprites are upgraded as the dungeon level increases.
  • New player class menu.
  • Map legend shows info on all objects in a given tile, not just the top one.
  • Map legend shows indoor/outdoor status of a tile.
  • Added shadows to bushes.
  • Team leader highlight blinks only in full control mode.
  • New sprite for pits.


  • Staff of suicide is no longer auto-picked up by minions, he he.
  • Crafters don’t get depressed if crafted item doesn’t have any artifact upgrades.
  • Fixed crash caused by including wolves in a team.
  • Fixed various issues with hauling AI.
  • AI takes into account max throw range when throwing things.
  • Small fixes in attacking AI.
  • Spells can be cast over fire.
  • Fixed kraken pulling issues.
  • Removed unused corpse decapitation logic.
  • Items are not teleported out of forbidden zone.
  • Fixed crash involving adding a newly discovered team member when in full control mode.
  • Fixed crash caused by the ‘darkness source’ effect.
  • Fixed UI issue caused by controlling the keeper through the “wounded keeper” prompt, while an active building is selected.
  • Fixed a small AI issue with team members sometimes staying behind when an enemy is visible far away.
  • Added more diagnostics to trace a rare creature position swapping crash.


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