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Full change log

Gameplay Changes

  • Dark knight, a new Keeper character focused on melee skills.
  • Digging moats.
  • Added “ego” items with special effects, which can be crafted by extraordinarily talented, and usually also insane minions.
  • Added special minions with extra positive or negative buffs.
  • All AI, including enemies, can use portals when navigating around.
  • Worker AI will pick up items from multiple tiles before hauling them back.
  • Beast minions don’t trigger enemies with their attacks.
  • Equipping, picking up, and dropping equipment doesn’t use up turn.
  • Enemy AI will construct bridges if they’re cut off by water.
  • Added “stand ground”, and “ignore enemies” team orders.
  • Removed the “proximity” trigger from cyclops.
  • Every creature has separate combat experience independent of training.
  • Entire wolf pack takes up one population spot.
  • Vampire lord is stronger.
  • Adamantium golems are vulnerable to magic.
  • Added “fireball” spell.
  • Dwarves and ants won’t attack after player mines in their vicinity but, not breaching their mineral veins.
  • Bridges can be removed.
  • Escape spell teleports away from fire.
  • All prisoners can construct furniture.
  • Added potions of melee and spell vulnerability.
  • Added night vision mushrooms.
  • Added stone statue, which increases population by up to 4.
  • Summoned creatures, like flies, aren’t automatically added to current team.
  • Changes in the building menu: bridge moved to “Structure”. Changed some hotkeys.
  • Creature’s can pick up a single heavy item over their carry limit.
  • Up to 4 prisoners are allowed without having a prison built.
  • Tunnels can be filled up with hard rock.
  • Allowed building fountains in the dungeon.
  • Summoned creatures disappear when summoner is knocked-out.
  • Villains won’t launch attacks with undead minions during the day.
  • Removed the scroll of darkness and made the vampire lord a permanent darkness source.
  • All prisoners are poison resistant.
  • Dogs and other animals can be petted. AI will also pet animals sometimes.

Interface Changes

  • New villains UI with attack and trigger notifications, easier pillaging and browsing villains.
  • New animated sprites for water, lava, torches, fountain.
  • Animations for melee attacks and creature death.
  • New sprites for zombie, bears, and the warriors tribe.
  • Creature’s health percentage is displayed in map legend.
  • Immigrants first name is displayed in immigrant menu.
  • New UI for selecting numbers.
  • Added music and sfx volume controls.
  • Added an in-game bug reporting menu.
  • Message boards can be viewed in real-time mode by clicking on them.
  • Icons of all items lying on the ground or in a creature’s possession are displayed in map legend.
  • Portals are colored based on their pairing.


  • Improved late game framerate.
  • Fixed attacker AI issues which caused them to never reach the player.
  • Fixed lighting glitch related to trees being destroyed while on fire.
  • Fixed issue with bogus “enter tile?” warning after tile is no longer on fire.
  • Fixed kraken’s behavior.
  • Fixed spell and buff timeouts are on retired keeper maps.
  • Doppelganger no longer absorbs some effects that didn’t make sense, like “collapsed”, “stunned”, etc.
  • Placing traps on top of doors and other furniture is not allowed.
  • Game will create a directory for save files if it doesn’t exist.
  • Tile memory is updated when items are pillaged using the villain menu.
  • Fixed tiny glitches when rendering fog-of-war.
  • Made it impossible to retire in the tutorial.
  • Fixed crash caused by enslaving the same retire creature twice.


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