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Alpha 23 change log

Gameplay Changes

  • Endless game mode: no conquest objective, recurring enemy waves, survive as long as possible.
  • Mana is awarded only for conquest or defeating enemy waves in the ‘endless’ mode. (Except optionally in the ‘free play’ mode, where you can enable mana generation in the library.
  • ‘Crafting’ tech is acquired by default.
  • Added spell damage and ranged damage attributes.
  • Added ‘magic missile’ spell which deals damage based on creature’s spell damage attribute.
  • Removed strength, dexterity, and accuracy attributes.
  • Removed missed attacks.
  • Removed backstabbing (while invisible, opponent blind, etc).
  • Removed minimal strength requirement for some weapons.
  • Removed projectile items, ranged weapons have infinite ammo.
  • Added 3 experience types: melee, spell, and ranged.
  • Melee training in training room, spell in library, ranged in archery range.
  • Fixed upper limits for each kind of experience for every creature.
  • Added 3 library tiers: wooden, iron and gold with increasing training limits.
  • New spells are learned at specific spell experience levels.
  • Added ‘Heal other’, ‘Summon elemental’ spell.
  • Available minion tasks based on skills and traits, and not hard-coded.
  • Imp morale affects their speed. Imps can be whipped.
  • Bleeding only as an effect of some weapons and after limbs are cut off.
  • Creature attributes don’t decrease when low on health.
  • Combat more deterministic and slower.
  • New formula for gaining experience from combat.
  • Added vulnerability and resistance effects for each damage type, acquired via rings, potions or intrinsically by some creatures.
  • Minion statues and throne cost mana, Demon shrines consume gold, portal consume stones, and eyeball consumes wood.
  • Imps and potions cost gold.
  • Removed first-aid-kits except for the adventurer.
  • Vampire lord wakes up hostile!
  • AI doesn’t panic so easily when wounded.
  • Only imps can whip
  • Prisoner execution at a gallows construction.
  • Full control mode where you control every creature on the team.
  • Shared visibility between all minions and eyeballs.
  • Vultures much less common.
  • Made giant spider webs invisible.
  • Dragons cast spells.
  • Tweaked how courage and morale works on panic during combat.
  • Made AI make better use of circular blast.
  • Tweaked cost of navigating around friendly creatures in pathfinding.
  • Fixed handling of simultaneous elf and night visions.
  • Reimplemented elf and night visions as effects: now available through rings and inherited by doppleganger.
  • Reimplemented sunlight vulnerability as an effect.
  • Added magical weapons, which use creature’s spell damage attribute.
  • Demon Den, Unicorns villains.
  • AI will try to break choke points by digging or destroying walls.
  • Added ‘destroy walls’ scroll to some enemies in endless mode.
  • New demon shrine and throne sprites.
  • Silver elven bow artifact.
  • ‘Alchemical conversion’ tech which allows changing gold into other resources, and iron into gold.
  • Artifact potion that regenerates all limbs.
  • Ants and dwarves can dig through walls when attacking. (but not through reinforced walls)
  • All enemies dig through any walls if the Keeper is completely cut off.
  • Health regenerating ring and mushroom, intrinsic regeneration for some creatures.
  • Potion of telepathy, and melee resistance.
  • Ring of magic resistance.
  • Allow naming individual items.
  • Minion morale is no longer maxed-out when in a team commanded by the Keeper.
  • Added “satiated” effect that prevents minions from eating and improves morale and defense.
  • Added “rested” effect that prevents minions from going to sleep and improves morale and defense.
  • Added rings of wakefulness and satiety.
  • Keeper is allowed to sleep.
  • Removed ‘stun ray’ spell.
  • Decrease production time of steel and steel goods.
  • Redefined civilians and fighters in enemy villages.
  • Dogs can no longer be leaders of villages.

Interface Changes

  • Big optimizations of rendering code.
  • Added health bars.
  • All villains visible in the ‘villains’ tab.
  • Animations for some offensive spells.
  • Nicer map object hints with more information.
  • Nicer minimap when fully extended.
  • Removed tooltips for items on the right side of workshop window.
  • Optimized splash screen.
  • Improved item counts display in workshops UI.


  • Excluded bogus outdoor tiles from some caves territories.
  • Fixed crash involving items destroying themselves.
  • Fixed throne unicode symbol.
  • Fixed crashes when trying to load some incompatible save files.
  • Fixed a few retirement crashes.
  • Fixed messages for dying from fire, silver, acid and poison gas damage.
  • Fixed deadlock when game window is closed during world generation.
  • Fixed issues with locating pigs in pigsty.
  • Fixed various small issues in pathfinding.


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