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Alpha 22 Changes

Gameplay Changes

  • Dedicated tutorial mode that teaches the game’s basic features and controls.
  • Saving and loading times, as well as save files sizes, decreased 2-3 times.
  • Portals are available as a building, instead of a spell. They don’t time out.
  • All resource values, except mana, are deflated 5 times. (everything costs less, you extract less).
  • Team members are woken up and untied when given a “go-to” order.
  • Creatures will not give healing items to wounded friends who already have means of healing themselves.
  • Ownership of an item by a minion is assumed when player equips the item in control mode.

Interface Changes

  • Added setting to disable vertical sync, which may solve some framerate issues.
  • New, nicer research menu.
  • Added descriptions to keeper-adventurer menu.
  • Changed highlighting of various buttons and tab icons.
  • Clicking on controlled creature skips turn.
  • Added a simple movement animation of creatures when destroying objects, digging, and cutting trees.
  • Window “close” button is highlighted.
  • Swapped storage colors. Equipment is now blue, resources green.


  • Fixed UI crash when changing minion’s task.
  • Fix drowning of flying creatures that enter deep water that is in forbidden zone.
  • Fixed mouse navigation to enemies that are far away when in control mode.
  • Fixed crash in item pick up menu.
  • Made message boards work even if statistics gathering is not enabled in the settings.
  • Fixed movement animation glitch when using mouse and being interrupted by enemy.
  • Fix UI crashes involving workshops and minion equipment menu.
  • Fixed tooltips in workshop menu.
  • Fix scrolling inventory in control mode.
  • Fixed game speed dialog glitch.
  • Removed useless “execution” task.


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