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Alpha 20

Gameplay Changes

  • Steel resource, furnace and steel products.
  • Free floor and furniture placement.
  • Manual scheduling of production.
  • Steel and traps production scheduled automatically as needed.
  • Training room upgrades.
  • New formulas for creature experience gains from training and combat.
  • Manual ordering of doppelganger absorbtion.
  • Merged all crafting tasks, minions automatically choose what to work on.
  • New skills that influence workshop productivity and mana production.
  • Most furniture blocks movement.
  • More iron and stone generated on map, more wood dropped by trees.
  • Iron working tech more costly.
  • New trigger that causes major enemies to increase their attacks after 7k turns.
  • Wall reinforcing.
  • Fixed mana bonus for exterminating a tribe, instead of killing individual creatures.
  • Storage reimplemented as zones. Can designate anywhere.
  • Persistent version of the fetch items order.
  • The keeper is spawned away from map edges.
  • New tile efficiency formula.
  • Pre-generated sokoban levels (a lot) for faster world generation.
  • Whipping and torture reimplemented as minion activity.
  • New dialog for commands in control mode.
  • New dialog for creature experience level details.
  • Setting minion tasks by drag and dropping on the map.
  • Clicking on workshop or library tiles opens control window.
  • Simple animations for when minions are working.
  • Button group hotkey cycles through all sub-buttons.
  • Improved rendering of some highlights.
  • Improved throwing animation.
  • Fixed white screen of death that prevented some players from launching the game.
  • Fixed dark elf recruitment, and made them respect their cave boundaries.
  • Fixed legendary humanoid limbs.
  • Fixed tile claiming.
  • Fixed movement glitches on some maps.
  • Fixed poison gas effects.
  • Game won’t crash anymore in case of audio issues. Will mute audio instead.
  • Imp AI reacts better to being blocked when fetching items.
  • Fixed team UI issues.
  • Fixed boulder movement and animation glitches.
  • Fixed how minion’s morale is used for their working efficiency.
  • Added diagnostics for various unknown crashes.


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