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Alpha 19 - Released in July 2016

Gameplay Changes

  • Added adventurer campaign mode.
  • Fixed management of autosave files so that there is a always a file to recover from.
  • Switched from SFML rendering and audio library to SDL2, OpenGL, and OpenAL.
  • Decreased RAM usage by about 50% by reusing objects for identical map tiles.
  • Optimized the rendering logic to get about a 50% increase in framerate in the early game.
  • Moved back from Visual Studio to MinGW compiler to avoid some technical issues with the former.
  • Added message boards that can be built by Keepers and function as primitive chat rooms.
  • Added small random settlements: human and elven villages, dwarf and kobold caves.
  • Added forest animals: deer, foxes and boars to maps.
  • Added different body materials, which affect combat and types of dropped corpses.
  • Enabled passing through doors of friendly settlements.
  • Added opt-in collecting of game statistics.
  • Added question marks and town names to minimap.
  • Added a message for when a minion learns a new spell.
  • Made the game work on a single thread to avoid some technical issues.
  • Changed the ratios of hills and forest in level generation so that trees are found more easily.
  • Made the keeper always be spawned next to a mountain.
  • Fixed conquering of cemetery level.
  • Fixed crash when creature is insta-killed by a spell.
  • Removed Sokoban from the single map mode to avoid level generation issues.
  • Fixed crashes when exiting the game.
  • Fixed crash involving the power spell animation.
  • Fixed scrolling in the minion window.
  • Fixed various issues that prevented winning, retiring, and playing as adventurer in single map mode.
  • Prevented the giant spider from getting entangled in her own webs.
  • Fixed a minion spell learning bug.
  • Fixed item pricing and shopkeeper bugs.
  • Fixed ambush bug that caused the player to be invisible forever.
  • Fixed message refreshing that caused some confusion when the game ended.
  • Fixed various issues in music playback.
  • Fixed switching tabs in creature control mode.


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