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Alpha 18 was released in May 2016. The major changes are as follows:

Gameplay Changes

  • Campaign mode, including Keeper vs Keeper battles!
  • Added geology tech, now used to uncover ores.
  • Added command to switch team leader.
  • Menu to choose new team leader when current one is killed.
  • New attack trigger to finish off the player after a lost battle.
  • Added a task for Keeper to sit on throne (and generate mana).
  • Flying creatures can no longer fly over Sokoban holes.
  • Made doors lockable when outside of buildings tab.
  • Keeper’s full title is displayed in combat messages.
  • Tasks window has a scrollbar.
  • Made hint about [new team] button more clear.
  • Minimap UI gets a border.
  • Fixed crash when trying to whip a pig.
  • Fixed UI crash involving dropping multiple items.
  • Fixed UI crash involving all team members getting killed.
  • Fixed UI crash caused by uninitialized variable.
  • Fixed message bug about praying to a web instead of breaking free.
  • KeeperRL is ported to the Visual Studio C++ compiler, which means better error reporting and possible Steamworks integration


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