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New features for Alpha 17

Gameplay Changes

  • 40 sound effects.
  • Minion menu overhaul.
  • Team UI overhaul.
  • Changes in building UI.
  • Legendary minions are pre-generated and have custom sprites. There are 16 currently, but more may come.
  • Sprites are no longer re-scaled to 1.5x. The two zoom levels are now 1x and 2x.
  • Smooth scrolling with keyboard.
  • Prettier creature and square highlighting.
  • Fixed warnings about walking into fire, sunlight, forbidden zones, etc.
  • Fixed imp task assignment bugs.
  • Fixed number of armed members of human village.
  • Notification on villains icon when new villain is discovered.
  • Unarmed damage value is displayed when creature is unarmed.
  • Map extends beyond playable area, to make map border look nicer.
  • Game closes immediately with Alt+F4 or when window is closed with mouse.
  • Clicking on enemy in minions tab scrolls the map to the enemy.
  • A lot of UI fixes optimizations.
  • Some sprites are redone and prettier.
  • Fixed many crashes.


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