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KeeperRL Alpha16 changelog:

Gameplay Changes

  • Cemetery with an underground crypt where you can find some super powerful undead minions.
  • ‘Mine Town’ dungeon with friendly dark elves or gnomes that will happily do some business with you.
  • Friendly villages where you can recruit minions for money.
  • Ransoms: some enemies will demand gold for not attacking.
  • Buying items from shops in friendly villages.
  • Multiple highscore tables.
  • Minotaur, hydra, giant spider and giant ant villains.
  • Procedural sokoban level.
  • Much more detailed information on enemies, including what triggered enemy attacks.
  • Giving items to allied creatures (performed by AI as well).
  • Filling up tunnels.
  • Whipping order to keep your minion happy.
  • Elementalist villain and his summons.
  • A whole new ‘classic’ soundtrack for adventure mode.
  • The witchman.
  • Some killed heroes spawn ghosts.
  • Kobold caves.
  • Driads and tree spirit villages (tree spirits are now much rarer to randomly appear when cutting forest).
  • Enemy village types are chosen as a random subset of all enemy types.
  • Automatons
  • Execution and torture are working again.
  • Traps are allowed on bridge.
  • Retired maps are sorted by the number of adventurer attempts. Number of killed adventurers is displayed.
  • WASD scrolling as option (in this mode building shortcuts are replaced with alt+letter).
  • Option to zoom in UI for users with large resolution displays.
  • Free scrolling in control mode (scrolling back requires double right-click).
  • Fixed movement animation of creatures thrown by spells.
  • Bugfixes.
  • Optimizations.


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