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Officially released: 02 July 2015. All of the changelog has been copied from the KeeperRL blog.

Gameplay Changes

  • Introduced max population limit, which starts at 10 and can be increased by building various rooms.
  • Minion payouts are removed.
  • Added throne, which increases max population by 10, and increases enemy hostility.
  • Pigsty room that increases population limit by 4.
  • Statues that increase population limit by 1.
  • Real-time ‘go-to’ order for teams. Replaces guardposts.
  • ‘Forbid zone’ order.
  • Enemies may now cancel an attack when they suffer a big loss.
  • Creatures now wake up if there is combat nearby.
  • Allow locking items in minion equipment so that they don’t switch them automatically.
  • Wolf teams are now explicitly visible.
  • Changed level gaining formula to more steep (bigger gain for killing a creature of higher level).
  • Morale returns to neutral with time.
  • Doors in enemy buildings now have to be destroyed.
  • Village dwellers go to sleep at night.
  • Imps now build beds for minions.
  • Imps are not able to use equipment anymore.
  • Villages revenge item theft.
  • Allow canceling the ‘fetch items’ order.
  • Peseants now work in fields.
  • AI can use scroll and spell of deception.
  • More extended attack options: wild and swift attacks.
  • Donkey.

Interface Changes

  • New minion management UI.
  • Item pick up menu improved.
  • Add an option to choose how many items of a stack are picked up or dropped.
  • Fast team selecting via ctrl+mouse click.
  • Dedicated button for leaving control mode.
  • Spell and morale icons.
  • Added renaming minions.
  • Added banishing minions.
  • Allow changing the resolution in full-screen mode.
  • Add an option to run the game in single-threaded mode.
  • Rendering optimizations.


  • Fixed pathfinding slowdowns in narrow corridors.
  • Fixed the ‘eyeball removal’ glitch.
  • Fixed thrown item messages.
  • Fixed prompt for equiping too heavy weapons.
  • Fixed prisoner spawning crash.
  • Fixed illusion messages and appearance.
  • Fixed arrow and thrown object displaying in zoomed-out view.
  • Fixed bugs in immigration, and bed building.
  • Fixed lots of crashes.


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