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  • Playable Dwarves faction
  • New crafting materials: adoxium and infernite
  • Combat experience is based on the number of unique kills
  • New specialized storage system with custom storage furniture for various equipment types
  • Reworked flanking/parry mechanic with visual indicators and hints
  • Smelting unneeded equipment in furnaces
  • New fog effect
  • ‘Gargoyle’ and ‘blast’ trap
  • All doors and gates are stronger
  • Minion training and crafting efficiency depends on the speed/slowness buffs
  • Certain minions will dance when bored
  • New z-level enemies with progressing difficulty
  • Ground level allied vaults are moved to z-levels
  • AI won’t waste throwable items on super weak enemies
  • Dark elves and goblins villains difficulty adjusted
  • All crafting is sped up by 50%
  • Added crossbows to the game
  • Fire elementals on the red dragon level aren’t considered fighter units
  • Black dragon moved from the top-level campaign to a z-level
  • Minions won’t build bridges or dig when pathfinding
  • Special immigrant trait that aggravates enemies
  • Giant spider won’t place webs all over dungeon when captured/recruited
  • Ranged weapon glyphs
  • Artifact bows made from tree spirit wood
  • ‘Unclaim tile’ order
  • New ‘swamp’ biome for some villains, courtesy of the DigRealm mod
  • Craftable fog and poison gas emitting potions
  • Traps are constructed by workers like all other furniture, and not crafted in workshops
  • New wall type with arrow slits, new ‘archer’ vision that allows shooting through arrow slits.
  • Prisons must be surrounded by prison bars


  • Added fast travel between z-levels in the turned-based mode
  • Added workshop window tabs for different crafting materials
  • Archery range shooting positions are visualized when placing it
  • Map cursor highlighted red when it’s not possible to place a construction
  • New, easier way of implementing ranged traps such as gargoyle and boulder traps
  • New crops and scarecrows sprites courtesy of the PureLands mod
  • Conflicting equipment like shields and two-handed weapons will be automatically unequipped instead of blocking the action
  • The game announces when you have discovered an allied that can be traded with or recruited
  • Retired dungeons list shows dungeons uploaded by Steam friends
  • The ‘under attack’ message is shown in a separate window
  • New game intro
  • New ‘exit game’ menu


  • New minion promotion system made for the dwarves faction is fully moddable
  • Moddable dynamic and static (world gen) gas effects
  • Added ‘AddSpellSchool’, ‘IncreaseMaxLevel’ effects
  • Added ‘Gender’ creature predicate
  • Added ‘DistanceD’ predicate, which allows circular area effects
  • Added an optional duration parameter to the ‘Lasting’ effect


  • Fixed bogus ability timeouts in bows found in retired maps
  • Team won’t follow the player into the sokoban levels to avoid game crashes
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed crafting unlimited items from one unique ingredient
  • Fixed construction debt inconsistency crash
  • Fixed items that grant multiple abilities
  • Fixed the display of item price in shops
  • Fixed recruitment from goblin caves


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