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Full change log

Gameplay Changes

  • Mods and retired dungeons are shared on Steam Workshop.
  • Contagious plague effect.
  • Z-level enemies can attack upon being discovered.
  • Enemy aggression can be tweaked in settings.
  • Spying effect, which allows infiltrating enemy territory.
  • Equipped shield prevents equipping bows and two-handed weapons.
  • New “parry” attribute, which prevents de-buffs when surrounded by enemies.
  • Temporarily insane creatures won’t make allies hostile forever.
  • All consumable items are automatically picked up by minions.
  • Creatures with 0 ranged damage can’t equip bows.
  • Poetry writing.
  • Creatures can’t cast spells at enemies that they can’t see.
  • Bodies of water can become bloody after a large battle.
  • Items can have randomized modifiers.
  • Walking into the map border opens the travel menu.
  • Other furniture can be built on top of prison floor.


  • Special item ingredients: hydra tongue, cyclops brain, dragon scales, and more.
  • Iron and adamantine shields.
  • Wizard hats a’ka Cornuthaums.
  • Underground treeshrooms for players who always run out of wood.
  • Desert biome with thieves castle and a djinn in a dungeon.
  • Snow biome with Eskimos and a white dragon.
  • Totems that have a permanent area effect: healing, blindness, bleeding.
  • Evil God Adoxie is in vanilla game with his own secret level!
  • Double trouble unique ability.
  • Black rats infected with plague z-level.
  • Group healing spell affects only allies.


  • Items are moddable.
  • BuildingInfo is moddable.
  • Z-level width is moddable.
  • Items can grant a custom ability.
  • Creature first names are moddable.
  • More than 10 keeper/adventurer avatars are allowed
  • Game doesn’t crash when mod specifies skill level outside of [0;1] range.
  • New effect types: Chance, Message, Enhance, Wish, Filter, Ice, IMMOBILE, FROZEN, COLD_RESISTANCE
  • Creatures can drop custom items (body parts).


  • Improved mod menu.
  • Added “locate” button to minion page.
  • Rectangle selection on the map shows rectangle dimensions.
  • Uploaded dungeons include a screenshot of an area chosen by the dungeon’s author.
  • Main menu and loading bar visual changes.
  • Added warning when online features are disabled and trying to download maps/mods.
  • Main menu can display personal messages from the developer.
  • Added item effect description to item’s tooltip.
  • Added some handy links to the main menu.
  • Return key closes text windows.


  • Gameplay loop optimizations.
  • Fixed spell schools of legendary humanoids.
  • Limited immigrant spawning to the ground level if possible.
  • Fixed issue with placing the smaller castle in bad position on the map.
  • Fixed rare crash when removing nonexistent team member in control mode.
  • Added diagnostics for a rare fire wall processing crash.
  • Fixed crash when using PlaceMinion order and creature can’t be placed at position.
  • Fixed scrolling to the end of message history window.
  • Fixed crash when multiple special attack effects kill a creature.
  • Fixed friendly fire issue when casting ranged spells.
  • Fixed issue with first name input field in the keeper menu.
  • Fixed verification of ViewIds in mods.
  • AI won’t throw items other than potion for their effect.
  • Flying over pits is possible.
  • Forbidden zone doesn’t block spells.
  • Fixed AI throwing logic.
  • Fixed special intrinsic attacks of some creatures.


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