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Full change log


  • Z-levels!
  • Items can be upgraded using glyphs.
  • New random location: temples.
  • New random location: ruins.
  • Dragon AI learns how to breathe fire.
  • Added leisure zone, where minions go when idle.
  • Throwing items, firing ranged weapons and casting ranged spells have free instead of directional aim.
  • AI tries to create formations when fighting in open areas.
  • Healers and archer AI try to avoid melee combat.
  • Healers make more effort to heal wounded allies.
  • Tree spirits can be set on fire, and will actively seek out water to put it out.
  • Added “entertainer” and “bad breath” immigrant traits, which influence minion morale.
  • Increased spell and ranged max training of adventurers.
  • Traveling between sites is restricted during combat and when poisoned.
  • Creature AI knows how to use all resistance and vulnerability potions. (quaffing and throwing)
  • Insane minions of retired keepers won’t be used in raids.
  • Minions won’t go to sleep if they’re poisoned.
  • Added healing starting spell to white knight keepers.
  • Creatures teleported by the throne get woken up.
  • Insane minions won’t attack the keeper.
  • Insane immigrants get much higher damage bonuses.
  • Knights, dragons and dwarves in the main dwarf villain are much stronger.
  • Legendary minions are much stronger.
  • Added rat people
  • Adamantium golems are removed from the top level and exist only deep underground.
  • Prisoners are no longer granted poison resistance.
  • Combat experience bonus is reduced to the current level of given training type instead of the max level.
  • Lizardmen are hostile to lawful adventurers.
  • Added a basic wooden shield.
  • AI won’t enter tiles adjacent to fire when pathfinding to avoid fire damage.
  • Corpses decrease morale instead of emitting poison gas.
  • Switching between real-time and turn-based modes doesn’t advance the game clock.
  • Minions with night vision won’t equip torches.
  • Immigrants can come with extra wings or heads, the latter allowing equipping multiple helmets and amulets.
  • Hydra has 7 heads which need to be cut off to kill it.
  • The demon villain top level is a ruined castle.
  • AI will try to go indoors at night.


  • Mods can be switched in settings.
  • Mineral patch numbers can be modded (per given z-level depth).
  • Creatures and their inventories can be modded. New creatures can be added and used in immigration and as player characters.
  • NegateRequirement immigrant requirement which lets you require that a requirement is not fulfilled.


  • Improved character creation menu.
  • Darkness and night is rendered directly on sprites to avoid ugly graphical glitches with lighting.
  • When the player is killed, the notification is displayed below the center of the map so it doesn’t obscure the view of what happened.
  • Improved button visuals.
  • Improved the lava animation.
  • Added succubi lovemaking animation.
  • Direct spell attacks have a magic animation.
  • Immigrant legendary crafting skill is displayed explicitly.


  • Multiple optimizations.
  • Reduced RAM usage per level, to accommodate Z-levels.
  • Fixed worker AI getting stuck when idle.
  • Control mode sidebar scrolling includes team member list. Fix
  • Fixed eating task AI to not get stuck.
  • Increased server connection timeouts.
  • Fixed doppelganger consumption menu.
  • Fixed issues with clicking on the game speed dialog.
  • Keeper level button is not highlighted if there is nothing more to research
  • Fixed bug in calculating visibility which showed itself in wrongly lit tiles after a forest fire.
  • Fixed spell icon tooltips in control mode.
  • Fixed AI crash when killing enemy using a projectile.
  • Fixed a bug where a minion paces back and forth between two pigsties.
  • Fixed UI buttons accuracy.
  • Fixed AI issue with workers trying to drop items on inaccessible storage tiles.
  • Fixed giant spider AI.
  • Equipment storage located outside of territory is taken into account when assigning items.
  • Goats are not treated as food.


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