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Treasure Chest

  • Holds your gold
  • Each chest can hold unlimited gold pieces, so multiple chests are able to spread the gold into different locations or just provide decoration.
  • Treasure chests are built from the storage menu.

Tile Cost

/keeperrl_wiki/Treasurydeco.png ‘‘5 wood per treasure chest


Treasure chests empty as gold is used:

  • Building statues, carpets, demonshrines.
  • Recruitment of special units
  • Creatures in older versions of KeeperRL used to require salaries, but this is no longer the case.

Other storage

There are currently 2 types of storage tiles: material, which store resources, equipment which store items

Storage tiles are free to build and have no upper limit.

The graveyard stockpile

While it certainly is the resting place of many of our undead friends, it is also a the stockpile for corpses, which means you should always have free tile for the lovely bones.


There seems to be no upper limit to what a tile can store, which means that 1 tile of everything can virtually hold… everything.

You can use this trick for a single graveyard tile, provided you are ready to see your graveyard disappear if you have room in your population cap and a zombie feels like joining. Alternatively you can always have 2, and make it grow with every joiner without risking a rotting accident in your keep.


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