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Trait Guide



Instrinsic buffs

Some creatures exist with intrinsic buffs and nurfs. The following traits are often intrinsic to a type of creature:

Flying - Can see over trees and fly over terrain
Slow - Slower than other creatures`
Fast - Faster than other creatures
Light Source - Shines (eg. if on fire)
Darkness Source - Surrounded by unnatural darkness
Blind - Has zero vision.
Summoned - These will leave you after a while
Elf Vision - Sees and shoots through trees
Night Vision - Can see in the dark

Other Common Traits


Often wildlife that wanders aimlessly, farm animals or often useful as steeds.


Never flees or surrenders.

Carry Anything

Almost unlimited carry weight.


A creature with high courage will less likely flee or surrender. A creature with low (<0) courage will try to keep distance.


Only humanoids can use equipment.

Not Breathing

Immune to poison gas.


You do not want to hurt innocent beings, do you ? Of course you do. Go stab them.


Can not move.


Has no body parts and leaves no corpse behind after death.
Immune to entangling and poison gas.


Body parts are more likely damaged and the creature will fall apart when losing too many body parts. Undead creatures will not die through beheading, but it does have a nasty tendency to render them blind.
Creature will crumble to dust if exposed to sunlight unless they are a skeleton or vampire lord.
Immune to poison gas.


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