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Note that on most games it will be possible to have researched all technologies before the end of the game. However, you can often develop a game-winning strategy by exploiting just some of your options to their full potential.

Technology tree

’’‘Pig Breeding



’’‘Iron Working

’’’[ ______Two-handed Weapons](/keeperrl_wiki/Two-handed_Weapons “wikilink”)
’’’[ ______/keeperrl_wiki/Jewellery](/keeperrl_wiki/Jewellery “wikilink”)


’’’[ ___Advanced Sorcery](/keeperrl_wiki/Advanced_Sorcery “wikilink”)
’’’[ ______Master Sorcery](/keeperrl_wiki/Master_Sorcery “wikilink”)
’’’[ ______/keeperrl_wiki/Demonology](/keeperrl_wiki/Demonology “wikilink”)
’’’[ ______Magic Weaponry](/keeperrl_wiki/Magic_Weaponry “wikilink”)


’’’[ ___Advanced alchemy](/keeperrl_wiki/Advanced_Alchemy “wikilink”)
’’’[ ___Alchemical conversion](/keeperrl_wiki/Alchemical_Conversion “wikilink”)
’’’[ ___Beast mutation](/keeperrl_wiki/Beast_Mutation “wikilink”)
’’’[ ___Humanoid mutation](/keeperrl_wiki/Humanoid_Mutation “wikilink”)

Pig Breeding

Build a pigsty for up to 4 extra population

  • To follow the strategy further, make statues and build a throne (later on).
  • If you want to try and overwhelm with numbers, you may lose or take heavy casualties, this is because the rogue-like underlying physics does tend to favour one OP hero over lots of little baddies (Rogue-likes are all about slaughtering armies of enemies with one guy if you think about it - and this is partly true with keeper).
  • You can go for the converted prisoners route. Cyclops, knights, dwarves, converted bosses. A high population will ensure prisoners can’t escape and provide you with a way of capturing and converting bulks of prisoners. You will also need to build a prison.


Requires crafting

  • Cost : 100 mana
  • Unlocks :
    • Bows
    • Archery range
  • The archery way is to torture and convert driads and elven archers, then train them in an archery range. You should be able to get +35 ranged damage with their bow and have sight through trees.


Requires crafting

  • Cost : 100 mana
  • Unlocks :
  • The traps route is not really recommended since traps were nerfed. Lure them in to attack you and wipe them out with traps, but it is tricky these days.

Iron Working

Requires crafting

  • Cost : 100 mana
  • Unlocks :
    • Forge
    • Iron Training Dummies
  • Early on you meet dwarves that usually have 2 handed iron weapons, so match their weaponry. You need iron-working and 2-handed weapon technologies. Iron working will get you the ability to build iron training dummies, so make sure you have trained up ogres to wield the weapons.
  • You also need this to go the adamantium route. The golems will need dealing with before you can max out training with the best training equipment and get the best weapons and armours.
  • You can go the werewolf route. Regeneration and stealth with decent training and weapons. Hit and run.

Two-handed Weapons

Requires iron working


Requires iron working

  • Cost : 100 mana
  • Unlocks :
  • Jewellery can be very underestimated. It is worth following. Poison resistance can be important and allows you to take on the ants and explore gnome/dark elf dungeons safely. This gives you superior resources from the ants and sometimes powerful items from dungeons.


  • Cost : 0 mana (Starting technology)
  • Unlocks :
  • If you want to go down the sorcery path, you need to get the best spell casters, namely a warlock keeper with vampires and a vampire lord and some orc shaman.

Advanced Sorcery

Requires sorcery

Master Sorcery

Requires master sorcery


Requires master sorcery

  • Summon demons to your dungeon by building demon shrines
  • Research this option if you want to go the demon route. Get a dopple-ganger with permanent speed advantage maxed out and power up. Basically absorb everything that has good properties and not bad properties.
  • Also gives you access to ghosts and succubus.

Magical Weaponry

Requires master sorcery

  • Create weapons that hit using magic damage and increase spell power
  • Cost : 100 mana
  • Magical weapons combined with enchant weapon scrolls and fully trained warlock keepers and vampire lords are a real possibility for winning the game. Consider it as an option.


  • Cost : 100 mana
  • Unlocks :
  • Take heal potions, slow down potions to throw, speed up potions to drink, melee resistance potions to drink, melee vulnerability potions to throw. Kit up on alchemy and mushrooms. This is the consumables route and if you want to do it, research the alchemy tree. The disadvantage is it costs you gold.

Advanced Alchemy

Requires alchemy

Alchemical Conversion

Requires alchemy

  • Lets you exchange gold for other resources in the brewery
  • Cost : 100 mana

Beast Mutation

Humanoid Mutation

See Technologies for a wider list of technologies from various different keepers.


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