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Structures And Installations




Soft rock

  • Fill in holes in your walls

Hard rock

  • Make filled holes slightly harder to breakdown

Reinforced wall

  • Increase efficiency of nearby training, crafting and studying


  • Force invaders to bridge gaps or fly across them. Can be filled with water by digging channels from lakes and rivers to make a moat.


Build it to pass over water or lava.

  • Cost : 20 wood


  • Lock minions into areas or out of areas. Slow down advancing armies.
  • Click on a built door to lock it.’’

Wooden door

  • Weak barrier

Iron door

  • Medium barrier

Adamantium door

  • Strong barrier



Place it on tiles next to a wall.

Barricades let the air through, not your minions! Pretty useful to have a indoor pigsty without corpse rotting hazard. Best is to have a barricade “window” next to water (neighbors: they don’t swim… or fly).


Place it on tiles next to a wall.

  • Cost : none
  • Increases room efficiency
  • Light emission : 8.2

Standing Torch

  • Like a normal torch but placed on the floor not a wall

Message board

  • Other members of the KeeperRL community can post on your dungeon message board


Makes the area around it visible.

  • Cost : 10 mana
  • Vision range : 30 Tiles

To get max range, it might be handy to add torches (and to cut or burn those annoying trees).


Gold Statue

  • Less effective than the throne but you can add as many statues as you want - the minions like fine art!
  • Augments the population cap by 1.’’
  • Cost: 50 gold

Stone Statue

  • Augments the population cap by 1.per statue.
  • Cost: 250 Stone
  • Maximum population of +4 from stone statues

Whipping Post

  • If they don’t look happy enough, they just need to be “educated” a bit.


  • A place to execute prisoners that look nicer as a head on a pole.

Prisoner Head

Impaled head of an executed prisoner. Aggravates enemies.

  • Cost : 1 prisoner head
  • Each head increase the chance to be attacked by villages.


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