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Shortcut Keys


Keeper Mode Keys

Build Menu

  Key What it does
a Prioritise task  
b Bed  
c Torch  
d Toggle Dig/Cut  
e Remove Construction  
f Floors  
g Graveyard  
i Summon imp  
k Locate keeper  
l Research  
m Manufacturies  
s storage  
t training  
u torture  
l library  
Shift Select rectangle (with mouse)  


  Key What it does
z zoom  
Arrow Left Scroll Left  
Arrow Right Scroll Right  
Arrow Up Scroll Up  
Arrow Down Scroll Down  
Numpad Keys Scroll around  

Game Options

  Key What it does
1 Slow  
2 Normal  
3 Fast  
4 Very Fast  
Space Pause  
Escape Open/Close Game menu  

Minion Control Mode


  Key What it does
Arrow Left Move Left  
Arrow Right Move Right  
Arrow Up Move Up  
Arrow Down Move Down  
Numpad Move around  
Space Wait where you are  
t Travel between map sectors  


  Key What it does
CTRL+Arrow Extended attack menu  
ALT+Arrow Fire arrows  
f Fire ranged weapon  

Creature Skills

  Key What it does
h Hide  
a Absorb  
c Chat  


  Key What it does
g Toggle the type of control mode  
m Message History  
s Switch minion under control  
u Leave Minion  


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