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“In a real-time strategy game, each participant positions structures and maneuvers multiple units under their indirect control to secure areas of the map and/or destroy their opponents’ assets. In a typical RTS game, it is possible to create additional units and structures, generally limited by a requirement to expend accumulated resources. These resources are in turn garnered by controlling special points on the map and/or possessing certain types of units and structures devoted to this purpose. More specifically, the typical game in the RTS genre features resource-gathering, base-building, in-game technological development, and indirect control of units.” (Wikipedia Decemeber 2022)

Dungeon building:

Plan your layout:

Consider optimizing your dungeon layout for efficiency and effectiveness. The placement and connectivity of rooms, as well as the depth of your mining, are significant factors to consider. Make sure you have enough space to build the different rooms you need and that movement is easy. Allocating space for traps and defensive structures is also helpful to safeguarding your dungeon and its inhabitants.

Leave orders for mining and tree cutting:

Make sure you have built resource storage, and that your workers are busy in the mines if they are not needed elsewhere. Keep expanding your dungeon. Your mining efforts will get you iron, gold, stone, and even adamantium and infernite. You need these things to make furniture, installations, and to craft equipment and consumables.

Defend your dungeon:

Your dungeon will be under attack from computer-controlled enemies. Build defensive structures such as walls, traps, and barricades to protect your dungeon.

Train your creatures:

Your creatures will be your primary defense against enemy attacks. Train them in combat, archery and magic and give them appropriate equipment such as weapons and armor to make them more effective.

Manage your clock ticks:

In KeeperRL, clock ticks are important for managing your dungeon. Keep an eye on the clock at the bottom of the screen and adjust the game speed as needed to make sure your creatures are busy but not in danger.

Balance offense and defense:

While it’s important to have a strong defense, you also need to be able to go on the offensive to defeat your enemies. Excessive introspection will not lead to progress. Build up your army and launch attacks on enemy factions to weaken them and gain dungeon levels, captives and equipment.

Prioritize essential technologies:

To advance in research, you’ll need to defeat enemy factions or survive random invasion waves, which means you may have to manage without some essential technologies for a while. It’s important to identify the key technologies for each faction and prioritize researching the ones that will give you an immediate advantage. Additionally, consider your upcoming battles on the campaign map before investing in technologies that you don’t need right away.

Dig out z-levels:

Expanding your base by digging out underground levels is a great way to increase your resources and living space. Begin at the highest level and work your way downwards, taking care to clear out any enemy camps completely before moving to the next level. Prioritize excavating crucial areas such as resource deposits. Bear in mind that digging into enemy territory will provoke them, and you will see their tribe listed as a villain. It’s crucial to be prepared for any enemy attacks that may result from your actions.

Build outside:

Consider constructing exterior structures, such as archer pillboxes, during base building to benefit your faction. Evil factions often opt for the cheaper and easier defenses of staying inside the mountain, while white knights can usually gain an advantage from expanding their base. Ultimately, the decision to build exterior structures depends on your faction and your interest in fortifying the exterior.

Build Upwards:

Do you want to elevate your dungeon to new heights? Building upwards can unlock additional layers in your biome, and constructing towers by building walls on the level below can help you set up ambushes in the rooms above.

Ensure the safety of your minions when they are outside:

To ensure the safety of your minions when they venture outside, there are several precautions to take. Unclaiming territory can prevent your keeper and minions from wandering too far from your base, and locking the doors to the outside can keep unwanted explorers inside. In some biomes, wildlife can pose a threat to your workers, and undead units are particularly vulnerable outside. Be mindful of the sun, as it can cause undead units to crumble to dust when it rises. If your faction has balsams, use them to spread darkness and protect your undead units. Additionally, assigning workers with unlimited carry capacity to do hauling duties can reduce the number of trips they make outside. Be cautious not to drown undead units who have had their heads cut off, as they cannot see.

Make castles and towers:

To provide protection for creatures vulnerable to sunlight during daylight hours, you can construct castles and towers using the “building interior” option in the structure menu. This feature enables you to build rooms in the outside world, complete with furniture, while also providing a roof to shield your creatures from the sun.

How to remove a planned building interior designation:

To remove a building interior designation, simply place a new one over the existing plans. The area will then stay an outside location. Alternatively, your minions will construct the building if you keep the plans.

Prepare for Raids:

As your external buildings are often the first to be attacked, it’s important to be ready for raids from other tribes on the map. Other tribes can be provoked by your actions, so it’s important to behave accordingly if you want to avoid being attacked. Alternatively, you can set up continuous raids in the game’s setup screen. Successfully defending against invaders can be a great way to strengthen your faction and even capture some prisoners.

Fog of War:

The area outside your line of sight remains invisible to you, making it harder to monitor an area continuously. Certain factions have the ability to build eyeballs, which can help you keep track of the enemies’ movements. During the night, using night vision can help you see better, while in forested areas, elf vision can prove useful.

Exterior defences:

Building external defenses such as pits, moats, and reinforced walls can make it difficult for invaders to breach your base. If you want to remove a wall that you placed outside, you can dig it up as you would with normal rock. To fill a pit, use the “Fill Pit” option from the structure menu.

Experiment with different strategies:

Enhance your base building skills by experimenting with various strategies that align with your playstyle. Don’t hesitate to try out different creature types, technologies, and building options until you discover the most effective technique for your bases. Keep in mind that there’s no universal approach to building a successful base in this game.


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