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Prisoner Guide


Converting prisoners

  • You need torture tables, a population slot and a suitable prisoner to convert
  • Failure chance is 50%, which means they die without converting to your dungeon

Best types of prisoners

  • Cyclops make excellent fighters when fully equipped
  • The Vampire Lord is a powerful spell caster
  • Elven archers and driads are better archers than you can recruit, so they are often worth it
  • Dwarves make excellent diggers in your mines
  • Knights have melee resistance
  • Human archers are the best archers.
  • Most bosses are worth it, so Elf Lord, Dwarf Baron and the Duke
  • Lizardmen have a speed bonus and an optional poison +8 attack unarmed
  • The Elementalist sucks, he can’t even summon elementals, so don’t bother with him
  • You aren’t likely to find a Minotaur (sometimes they live below castles and they are powerful)
  • The lizardman chief is a bit special
  • Warriors from the Viking tribe are very good
  • When you come up against enemy keepers, some of the minions will be better than yours if you can get them
  • You can capture enemy Keepers
  • In endless mode, always take any prisoners you can get, because they will be buffed
  • Basically, capture any powerful humanoid

Looking after prisoners

  • Try not to capture more prisoners than you can look after
  • Wolves are good at looking after prisoners because you can get a whole pack of them for 1 population slot


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