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Items Guide


Equipping minions with appropriate equipment is crucial to their success in combat. There are several ways to manage equipment for minions in order to optimize their performance.

One option is to assign specific items for a minion to equip. This ensures that the minion prioritizes equipping those items when they are available and will not choose to equip other items instead. This method is useful when players want to ensure that their minions have specific abilities or properties.

Players can also “lock” items to a particular minion, which prevents the minion from dropping or unequipping those items even if they come across better equipment. This strategy is helpful when players want to ensure that a specific minion has certain strength or resilience.

Another option is to directly control a minion and force it to equip certain items. This allows players to choose which items the minion uses immediately and can be helpful in equipping minions with items that are effective against a particular enemy.

Minions will automatically equip themselves from stockpiles, but players can restrict certain equipment groups from being used by particular minions. This ensures that the minion does not use any items from those groups, even if they are available. This strategy is useful when players want to reserve items for specific owners.

There are various equipment groups to choose from, such as basic equipment, which includes simple and common items like a club, a dagger, or simple clothing. Iron equipment refers to equipment made of iron or basic materials like a sword, a shield, or a suit of armor. These items are stronger than basic equipment but not as powerful as more rare materials.

Adamantine equipment is made of a fictional metal that is stronger and more durable than iron. Equipment made of adamantine, such as an adamantine sword or shield, is highly valued due to its rarity and effectiveness.

Infernite equipment is made of another fictional material that has special abilities relating to fire damage, like an infernite sword. Adoxium equipment is another rare and fictional material that is imbued with magical properties and can be highly effective magical combat, such as an adoxium staff or armor.

Artifact equipment refers to rare and powerful items that are often unique or one-of-a-kind, like a cyclops helm or a dragon’s scale armor. Ranged weapons include any weapon that can be used to attack from a distance, like a bow, a crossbow, or a throwing knife.

Jewelry items are often worn for their magical properties or effects, such as an amulet that provides protection or a ring that enhances the wearer’s abilities. Consumables are items that can be used once and then discarded, like potions, scrolls, or first-aid kits, and often provide temporary effects or benefits.

Light emitting equipment refers to items that emit light, like a hand torch, and can expose a player’s location but also set light to things or improve visibility for nearby friendly units.

Lastly, steeds are animals that characters can ride, like a horse, a camel, or even a dragon, providing a faster mode of transportation and can be trained for combat purposes.


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