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Major Gameplay Features:

  • The game offers both Real Time Strategy and Roguelike gameplay, providing players with a unique and engaging experience.
  • Players can create their own dungeons and compete against others’ dungeons online, adding a competitive and challenging element to the game.
  • Winning as a keeper or other faction leader allows players to upload and share their dungeons with others.
  • The game includes multiple Z-levels, enabling players to dig and explore underground to discover hidden treasures and secrets.
  • With various creatures, skills, traits, characteristics, spells, attributes, traps, weapons, armor, jewelry, and consumables, players can customize their gameplay experience.
  • Players can research technologies, manage resources, and build structures and installations to progress in the game.
  • Players can conquer the world outside their dungeons, using magic, assault teams, armies, and archery.
  • Walls, barricades, and moats are just some of the strategies players can use to defend their dungeons from the outside world.
  • The game includes an immigration system, allowing players to build their tribe and manage their population.
  • Players can manage or assault nine different factions, such as Wizards, Goblins, Necromancers, Dwarves, Gnomes, White Knights (Medieval Town), Dark Knights, and a cyclops or zombies.
  • The game includes both optional endless invasions and campaign maps, allowing players to choose their own adventure and play at their own pace.
  • Convertible prisoners offer a new way to recruit units and strengthen your dungeon.
  • The game provides a simple in-game tutorial and YouTube tutorials are available to help new players quickly learn how to play.
  • Maps and levels are randomized, introducing new gameplay mechanics and challenges.
  • Regular updates to the game keep the experience fresh and exciting, introducing new content, improving existing features, and addressing any issues.
  • Players can build a strong sense of community around the game, discussing and sharing strategies and experiences.
  • Building a party from your minions enables players to create a diverse group of characters with different strengths and weaknesses that complement each other.
  • There are various types of characters, such as warriors, mages, healers, archers, shaman, crafters, workers, and steeds, each with different special abilities.
  • The permadeath mechanic provides players with a sense of achievement when they complete a run.
  • The game provides an immersive and enjoyable way to escape from reality and enter a different world.

In KeeperRL, the gameplay is designed to challenge players when it comes to tackling factions like knights. It’s not as simple as relying on one overpowered (OP) unit to take them on. Knights have a coordinated army consisting of archers, melee fighters, and healers. This means that players will need to come up with a strategy that takes into account the different types of units and the fact that they are facing a large army.

Similarly, players won’t be able to tackle a player dwarf who’s holed up in an ambush by using an army of weaker units. Instead, they’ll need to think smart and come up with an alternative plan. For example, they may be able to ambush the knights in a defensive snare or bait out the holed-up dwarf to attack them. Alternatively, leading their army with a unit that can take more than one hit in an ambush may also be a viable strategy.

It is a strategy game with both rogue-like and RTS elements. Players will need to assess the situation and come up with a plan that takes into account the different types of creatures they are facing and the numbers they are facing. The game rewards players who can think creatively and come up with innovative ways to defeat their opponents. Whatever works, use it. There are many different approaches that players can take. Ultimately, the game is all about using your brain to outwit your opponents and emerge victorious.


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