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  • Use wooden, iron and adamantium dummies to train in melee combat.
  • Use wooden, iron and gold bookcases to train in magic combat.
  • Use the archery targets to train ranged combat up to the creature’s maximum level.

Training efficiency

  • Gold carpeting provides the best efficiency.
  • Stone flooring is good efficiency and is not flammable.
  • Wooden flooring is cheap and ugly and burns.
  • Good lighting increases efficiency.
  • Monsters are unable to train to the highest levels without the better dummies and bookcases.

Killing an enemy

  • Kill enemies to gain experience.
  • Your minions, and Keeper, will gain .02 experience for each pig killed. Eat your way through training!
  • The tougher the monster you kill compared to you, the greater the experience is worth.


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