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Endless Mode


Edited 3rd April 2018

When I first wrote this, I was expecting the game to end with back-to-back waves of red dragons, that cannot be captured. On the current version, I do not think this will actually ever happen. Let people know if I am wrong!

Introduction to Endless Mode

  • The endless mode is all about defending your dungeon against incoming waves of attackers, trying to survive for as long as possible.
  • Each wave will tend to be stronger than the last
  • You get mana rewards for resisting each attack wave.
  • Attack waves are randomised but are balanced for similar difficulty in each game.
  • Endless Mode has a separate highscore for longest survival.
  • It is still possible to take your minions adventuring in other map sectors on the master map (and there are big benefits to doing this).
  • The escapades you experience on other map sectors happen in a moment, so that you can return to defend your dungeon without having lost any time and without being attacked. Your dungeon score is frozen until you return to defend your main base map again. This allows you to interrupt the real time dungeon management with episodes of rogue-like gameplay. You can bring back loot, gain mana and gain prisoners from these dark deeds.

Phases in an Endless Mode game

I have split the endless mode game-play into two phases, the start and end game.

  1. The game starts as any normal keeper campaign game would start. You build your dungeon up from scratch. There are a few extra enemies dropping in, such as an odd bandit or Lizardman but otherwise, is about building the base up and setting some traps. Getting a functioning dungeon with enough weapons, armour, consumables, dungeon rooms, flooring, lighting, installations, prisoners and minions. This phase of the game tends to end when you have a powered up doppleganger or converted prisoner that can take out the campaign map. However, the enemies are getting too tough for it to beat. The better minions will get to about +45 attack and +45 defense.
  2. The second phase of the game tends to be about building up an army of converted invaders. Any doppleganger(s) take a back seat. However, you still need goblins to build traps quickly and shaman and vampires to do healing magics. The adamantium golems need to be destroyed to get the best weapons and armour for your new converts. You need minions that can manage the prison population without rebellion. However, immigrants that don’t craft or dig or do magic are not much use except for keeping your prisoners.
  3. The game stops generating waves at turn 100k (I think). You have won if you get here.

Strategies for progressing in Endless Mode

  • In the early game build your dungeon as you normally would in a campaign game but remember there is time pressure.
  • Go adventuring as soon as practical and capture elven archers, human archers or driads. You need these for clearing waves of golems that are weak to ranged attacks.
  • You need to hunt these archers with a bat on your team for its superior vision, otherwise an arrow is likely to come flying out of nowhere and kill you!
  • Take some regular workers captive to mine out your dungeon quicker.
  • Get some undead in your dungeon. Lizardmen normally attack near the beginning and poison regular troops.
  • Build boulder traps next to web traps to defend (This strategy should get you through to mid-game before you run out of stone).
  • Aim for legends, dopplegangers, vampire lord, adamantium kit, healing and speed potions
  • Also aim to capture all humanoids that attack your dungeon
  • Keep the allied dungeons for now. Get a rogue-like party together and clear the other map sectors. Capture cyclops, vampire lords and minotaur from other map sectors.
  • The best minions are adventurers, minotaurs, witchmen, lizardmen, knights, warriors, cyclops and invading ogres. These get better and better each wave.
  • Consider going on a turn-based adventure with a handful of your best minions, especially adventurers. Dark elf and gnome dungeons are good. Go for artifacts in particular.
  • Remember only 50% of prisoners survive the torture and will join you.
  • Stay alive by keeping ahead of the enemy waves.
  • You need a big prison with lots of torture tables so that you have a fast turnaround on your conversion scheme.
  • If you keep a few weak prisoners, you can use them to torture the other prisoners
  • Recruit 1 or maybe 2 packs of wolves to manage your large prison population.
  • Consider researching alchemical conversion to get hold of a little adamantium earlier on
  • Healing and speed potions from the brewery. Speed advantage means that if you don’t get cornered, you can usually avoid getting hit.
  • Kit up creatures you tortured from the wave before with the best possible stuff.
  • Train those minions up in your dungeon quickly. Tell them not to eat or sleep and just train.
  • Get healers and spell casters
  • Build up the very best possible team


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