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Endless Mode


Introduction to Endless Mode

  • Endless mode in the game is a form of survival mode, with the aim of surviving against waves of attackers for as long as possible.
  • The difficulty of each wave is balanced, even though they are randomized. Each wave will tend to be stronger than the last.
  • The player earns dungeon level experience rewards for successfully resisting each attack wave.
  • The game eventually stops generating waves after an extended period, and the player wins if they manage to survive until then.
  • Strategies for progressing in the mode include building an army of minions, capturing various enemy types, and managing the prison population.
  • In addition to defending your dungeon, you can also take your minions on adventuring missions to other map sectors for loot, experience, and prisoners.
  • These missions occur in a moment, allowing you to interrupt real-time dungeon management with rogue-like gameplay. Your dungeon will not be attacked while you are away, however, losses sustained during these missions will also affect your abilty to defend your base.

Phases in an Endless Mode game

I have split the endless mode game-play into two phases, the start and end game. The third step is about retiring your dungeon.

In the first phase of the game, you start by building your dungeon from scratch and setting traps while facing a few extra enemies such as bandits or Lizardmen. The objective is to get a functional dungeon with enough weapons, armor, consumables, rooms, lighting, installations, prisoners, and minions. This phase ends when the waves become too tough to beat, and your better minions will start to max out.

The second phase of the game is focused on building up an army of converted invaders while your earlier armies and normal recruits take a back seat. However, you still need certain minions such as goblins for trap-building and shaman/priests for healing magic. To get the best weapons and armor, you need to destroy adamantium golems, which can be challenging while fighting off invaders. Additionally, you need minions who can manage the prison population without causing rebellion. Immigrants who don’t craft, dig, or do magic will be less useful except for boosting army numbers and keeping your prisoners.

The third and final phase of the game occurs when the waves eventually stop generating, usually around turn 100k. Winning the game means getting to this point and defeating Adoxie. Your dungeon should be extremely powerful by now, and all that remains is to retire it.

Strategies for Winning Endless Mode

  • Factions with the ability to convert prisoners have a massive advantage, don’t consider other factions as winnable.
  • In the early game, focus on building your dungeon quickly while keeping in mind the time pressure.
  • Capture elven archers, human archers or driads early on to help clear waves of golems weak to ranged attacks.
  • Increase your dungeon population to win some invasions with open battle tactics and a large army.
  • Hunt diads and elves at night with night vision or elf vision to avoid being killed by arrows. Bats can help with surveillance.
  • Take regular workers captive to mine out your dungeon faster.
  • Include undead in your dungeon to combat early lizardman attacks.
  • Build boulder traps next to web traps for defense, at least until stone becomes scarce.
  • Aim for legendary creatures, dopplegangers, vampire lords, adamantium kit, healing and speed potions.
  • Capture all humanoids and beasts that attack your dungeon.
  • Keep allied dungeons for now and clear other map sectors with a rogue-like party to capture powerful creatures like cyclops, vampire lords, and minotaur.
  • Convert the best minions like adventurers, minotaurs, witchmen, dragons and knights as effectively as possible, since they get stronger with each wave.
  • Consider going on a turn-based adventure with your best minions, especially adventurers, to obtain artifacts or raid dark elf and gnome dungeons.
  • Remember that only 50% of prisoners survive torture and will join your team.
  • Stay ahead of the enemy waves to survive.
  • Build a large prison with multiple torture tables for breaking your prisoners into conversion quickly.
  • Keep weak prisoners to use as torturers for the others.
  • Research alchemical conversion to get adamantium earlier.
  • Obtain healing and speed potions from the brewery to give ranged units an advantage in combat.
  • Equip creatures captured from the previous wave with the best gear available.
  • Quickly train your minions in your dungeon, instructing them to focus only on training and not eating or sleeping.
  • Recruit healers and spellcasters.
  • Assemble the very best army possible for a better chance at victory.

List of waves in endless mode:

  • a curious bandit
  • a lizardman scout
  • an ant patrol
  • a nest of lizardmen
  • a gang of bandits
  • an ant soldier patrol
  • an alchemist’s clay golems
  • an alchemist’s stone golems
  • an ant soldier patrol
  • an army of ants
  • a group of ents
  • a band of dwarves
  • an alchemist’s iron golems
  • a dwarf tribe
  • a patrol of archers
  • a lonely knight
  • a group of warriors
  • an army of warriors
  • an army of knights
  • a cyclops
  • a witchman
  • a minotaur
  • an elementalist
  • a green dragon
  • a red dragon
  • a black dragon
  • a group of adventurers
  • a pack of trolls


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