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Creature Guide


Here is a list of creatures extracted from the game-code in February

  1. Some of the monsters will be impossible to actually encounter (yet).

Abomination /keeperrl_wiki/Abomination.png

Adamantium Golem /keeperrl_wiki/Ada_Golem.png ‘‘Feared by the weak, hated by the strong.

Adoxie Foot Left /keeperrl_wiki/Adoxie_Foot_Left.png

Adoxie Foot Right /keeperrl_wiki/Adoxie_Foot_Right.png

Adoxie Hand Left /keeperrl_wiki/Adoxie_Hand_Left.png

Adoxie Hand Right /keeperrl_wiki/Adoxie_Hand_Right.png

Adventurer /keeperrl_wiki/Adventurer.png /keeperrl_wiki/Adventurer_Female.png ‘‘They face the world alone and the glory is theirs alone.

Air Elemental /keeperrl_wiki/Air_Elem/keeperrl_wiki/Ent.png ‘‘Summon a deadly vortex


Ant Queen /keeperrl_wiki/Antq.png ‘‘A minor boss.

Ant Worker /keeperrl_wiki/Antwork.png


Automaton /keeperrl_wiki/Automaton.png ‘‘Disloyal but deadly

Bandit /keeperrl_wiki/Bandit.png ‘‘They are after gold.

Bat /keeperrl_wiki/Bat.png ‘‘They like to explore

Black Dragon /keeperrl_wiki/Black_Dragon.png ‘‘Blind but telepathic.

Black Market Guard /keeperrl_wiki/Black_Market_Guard.png

Black Rat /keeperrl_wiki/Black_Rat.png

Boar /keeperrl_wiki/Boar.png ‘’ Shy creatures that only fight when cornered.

Camel /keeperrl_wiki/Camel.png

Cave Bear /keeperrl_wiki/Bear.png ‘‘Bears can take the initiative.


Child /keeperrl_wiki/Peasantkid.png ‘‘Stealthy

Child As Spider Food

Clay Golem /keeperrl_wiki/Clay_Golem.png ‘‘Loot the stone when killed

Cow /keeperrl_wiki/Cow.png ‘‘Found on human farms

Cyclops /keeperrl_wiki/Cyclops.png ‘‘A nasty minor boss

Dark Elf /keeperrl_wiki/Dark_/keeperrl_wiki/Elf.png ‘’ Citizens of the dark elf caves found in the mountains.

Dark Elf Child /keeperrl_wiki/Dark_/keeperrl_wiki/Elf_Kid.png ‘’ Stealthy

Dark Elf Lord /keeperrl_wiki/Dark_/keeperrl_wiki/Elf_Lord.png ‘’ Lord of his caves

Dark Elf Warrior /keeperrl_wiki/Dark_Elf_/keeperrl_wiki/Warrior.png ‘’ Defender of the dark elves

Death /keeperrl_wiki/Death.png ‘’ Doesn’t ever appear in the game

Deer /keeperrl_wiki/Deer.png ‘’ Sometimes glimpsed running through the trees

Demon Dweller /keeperrl_wiki/Demon_Dweller.png ‘’ Soldiers of Demonshrine

Demon Lord /keeperrl_wiki/Demon_Lord.png ‘’ Major Villain

Djinn /keeperrl_wiki/Djinn.png

Dog /keeperrl_wiki/Dog.png ‘’

Donkey /keeperrl_wiki/Don/keeperrl_wiki/Key.png ‘’ Farm animal

Doppleganger /keeperrl_wiki/Doppleganger.png ‘’ Absorber of bodies


Driad /keeperrl_wiki/Driad.png ‘’ Tree dwellers

Duke /keeperrl_wiki/Knightboss.png ‘‘Mighty human boss

Dwarf /keeperrl_wiki/Dwarf.png ‘’ An armoured fighter

Dwarf Baron /keeperrl_wiki/Dwarfboss.png ‘’ King under the mountain

Dwarf Female /keeperrl_wiki/Dwarf_F.png ‘’ A good digger once imprisoned

Earth Elemental /keeperrl_wiki/Earthelemental.png ‘‘Summoned near rock using magic

Elementalist /keeperrl_wiki/Elementalist.png ‘‘Major Boss

Elf /keeperrl_wiki/Elf.png ‘‘Not generally dangerous

Elf Archer

Elf Child elf_/keeperrl_wiki/Child.png ‘‘Stealthy

Elf Lord /keeperrl_wiki/Elf_Lord.png ‘‘Lord of the forest

Elven Archer elf_/keeperrl_wiki/Archer.png ‘‘Deadly shooter


Eskimo /keeperrl_wiki/"eskimo".png

Eskimo Child /keeperrl_wiki/Eskimo_Child.png

Father Oblivion /keeperrl_wiki/Friar.png

Female Adventurer

Female Keeper

Fire Elemental /keeperrl_wiki/Fire_Elemental.png ‘‘Summoned near lava

Fire Mage

Fire Sphere /keeperrl_wiki/Fire_Sphere.png ‘‘From magic spells

Fly /keeperrl_wiki/Fly.png ‘‘Distraction during combat

Fox /keeperrl_wiki/Fox.png ‘‘Archery target practice

Friar /keeperrl_wiki/Friar.png

Ghost /keeperrl_wiki/Ghost.png ‘‘Makes enemies insane

Gnome /keeperrl_wiki/Gnome.png ‘‘Dungeon dwellers

Gnome Chief /keeperrl_wiki/Gnome_Chief.png ‘‘Lord of his own dungeon


Goblin /keeperrl_wiki/Goblin.png

Green Dragon

Halloween Kid /keeperrl_wiki/Halloween_Kid1.png ‘‘Trick or Treat?

Harpy /keeperrl_wiki/Harpy.png ‘‘Winged killer

Horse /keeperrl_wiki/Horse.png ‘‘No, you can’t ride it

Husky /keeperrl_wiki/Husky.png

Hydra /keeperrl_wiki/Hydra.png ‘‘Poisonous boss

Imp /keeperrl_wiki/Imp.png ‘‘Warlock’s best workers


Iron Golem /keeperrl_wiki/Iron_Golem.png ‘‘Walking iron

Jackal /keeperrl_wiki/Jackal.png ‘‘Weak aggressor


Keeper Keeper_west.png Keeper_female_west.png ‘‘Player’s avatar (Warlock class) Base values Keeper_knight_west.png Keeper_knight_female_west.png ‘‘Player’s avatar (Fighter class) Base values

Knight /keeperrl_wiki/Knight.png ‘‘Melee combat expert

Kobold /keeperrl_wiki/Kobold.png ‘‘Little guys with spears

Kraken /keeperrl_wiki/Krakenhead.png/keeperrl_wiki/Krakenland.png/keeperrl_wiki/Krakenland.png ‘‘Entangling water monster

Lava Golem /keeperrl_wiki/Lava_Golem.png ‘‘Fiery

Legendary Beast

Legendary Humanoid

Lizardman /keeperrl_wiki/Lizardman.png ‘‘Poisoning reptile

Lizardman Chief

Lizardman Lord

Lost Soul /keeperrl_wiki/Ghost.png ‘‘Woo!

Minotaur /keeperrl_wiki/Minotaur.png ‘‘Sometimes lives under castles

Mummy /keeperrl_wiki/Mummy.png ‘‘Never seems to show up

Nomad /keeperrl_wiki/"nomad".png

Nomad Child /keeperrl_wiki/Nomad_Child.png

Ogre /keeperrl_wiki/Troll.png ‘‘12 combat training levels

Orc /keeperrl_wiki/Orc.png ‘‘Standard warrior minion

Orc Shaman /keeperrl_wiki/Orc/keeperrl_wiki/Shaman.png ‘‘Standard healer minion


Peseant /keeperrl_wiki/Peasant.png ‘‘Living morale boost for minons

Pig /keeperrl_wiki/Pig.png ‘‘Pork yesterday, ham today, bacon tomorrow

Polar Bear /keeperrl_wiki/Polar_Bear.png

Polar Fox /keeperrl_wiki/Polar_Fox.png

Priest /keeperrl_wiki/Priest.png ‘‘Human healer


Rat /keeperrl_wiki/Rat.png ‘‘Often live in chests, eating cheese

Rat King /keeperrl_wiki/Rat_King.png

Rat Lady /keeperrl_wiki/Rat_Lady.png

Rat Soldier /keeperrl_wiki/Rat_Soldier.png

Raven /keeperrl_wiki/Raven.png ‘‘Daytime explorer. Fast!

Red Dragon


Shaman /keeperrl_wiki/Shaman.png ‘‘Tribal wizard

Shelob /keeperrl_wiki/Szelob.png ‘‘Spider boss


Skeleton /keeperrl_wiki/Skeleton.png ‘‘Undead minion

Snake /keeperrl_wiki/Snake.png ‘‘Poisonous wildlife

Soft Monster /keeperrl_wiki/Softmonster.png ‘‘Rare “thing” that lives in dungeons

Soldier Ant /keeperrl_wiki/Antw.png ‘‘Poisonous ant warriors

Sorcerer /keeperrl_wiki/Sorcerer.png

Spider /keeperrl_wiki/Spider.png ‘‘Weak but poisonous

Spirit /keeperrl_wiki/Spirit.png ‘‘Summoned protection

Succubus /keeperrl_wiki/Succubussmall.png ‘‘She’s done it before (once)

Teutonic Grandmaster /keeperrl_wiki/Teuton_Boss.png

The Duke

Thief /keeperrl_wiki/Thief.png

Thief Leader /keeperrl_wiki/Thief_Leader.png

Tree Spirit

Unicorn /keeperrl_wiki/Unicorn.png ‘‘Woodland herds

Vampire /keeperrl_wiki/Vampire.png ‘‘Undead spell-caster minion

Vampire Lord vampirelord.png ‘‘Powerful when converted

Vulture /keeperrl_wiki/Vulture.png ‘‘Food scavenger

Warrior /keeperrl_wiki/Warrior.png ‘‘Tribal warrior

Water Elemental waterelem/keeperrl_wiki/Ent.png ‘‘Summoned near water

Werewolf werewolf2.png ‘‘Naturally regenerates health

White Dragon /keeperrl_wiki/White_Dragon.png

White Wizard /keeperrl_wiki/White_Wizard.png

Witch /keeperrl_wiki/Witch.png ‘‘Not always visible


Wolf /keeperrl_wiki/Wolf.png ‘‘Arrive in packs

Yellow Dragon /keeperrl_wiki/Yellow_Dragon.png

Yeti /keeperrl_wiki/Yeti.png

Zombie /keeperrl_wiki/Zombie.png ‘‘Invasion fodder


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