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Campaign Mode


Single Maps

  • You can play single map games, with all enemies on the same map sector
  • Single maps are bigger than ordinary map sectors in a campaign
  • Single map dungeons cannot be retired and uploaded for others to fight against
  • Single map games are for Keepers only.
  • You can compete for the hi-score

Campaign Maps

  • Campaigns are very similar to single map games but you have a master map containing other enemies and allies on various map sectors.
  • Keeper dungeons are controlled by AI
  • You can press ‘t’ to travel between map sectors while controlling one of your creatures.
  • You can compete for the official hi-score
  • You can upload your dungeon to be challenged in free-play games

Free-play mode

  • These are custom campaigns
  • You can get to play against up to 4 hand-crafted dungeons designed by real people. (If you like you can usually choose ones which have never ever been played against previously - by anyone!).
  • You get to choose your starting location
  • You get to choose the number of enemies (within a range)
  • You can play “generate mana in library” where you can research technologies just by studying
  • You can still upload your dungeon if you win

Basic Strategies

Keepers will find this walkthrough helpful:

When at war with another keeper dungeon, many of the tips in the adventurer guide are helpful for keepers:


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