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Campaign Mode


The main difference between single maps and campaign maps is that single maps consist of a standalone game on a single map sector, whereas campaign maps are part of a larger interconnected world. In single map games, all enemies are contained within that specific map sector, which is bigger than ordinary map sectors in a campaign. Single map dungeons cannot be retired and uploaded for others to fight against, and these games are only for Keepers. However, you can compete for the hi-score in single map games.

On the other hand, campaign maps are similar to single map games in terms of gameplay, but they are part of a larger campaign with a master map containing other enemies and allies on various map sectors. In campaign maps, Keeper dungeons are controlled by AI, and players can press ‘t’ to travel between map sectors while controlling one of their creatures. Players can also compete for the official hi-score, and they can upload their dungeon to be challenged in free-play games.

Campaign maps also contain different biomes:

Grassland biome: This biome features a variety of landscapes, including lakes and small forests. The forests consist of trees with low densities, and they grow on different types of terrain such as grass and hills. The wildlife in this biome includes deer, foxes, boars, and ravens. Higher up in the biome, there are useful creatures: wolves, bat dens, and cave bear dens. The biome features grass and open fields.

Forest biome: The forest biome is similar to the grassland biome in many ways, with small mountains, lakes, and many more trees. The forests. There is different vegetation and flowers. Wildlife in this biome includes the deer, foxes, boars, and ravens you see in the grasslands. The density of trees is greater. Keepers who build a base here can stock up on wood.

Mountain biome: The mountain biome is different from the grassland and forest biomes in that it is dominated by mountains. Lakes can be found in this biome and may be found underground. The forests in this biome are similar to those in the grassland and forest biomes. Enemies in this biome consist more of creatures such as dwarfs, kobold caves, and bandits.

Snow biome: This biome is a cold and unforgiving place, dominated by snow and ice. Mountains are also present, with the terrain consisting of glaciers and deep snow. Forests in this biome are specific to the terrain and consist of different vegetation. Wildlife in this biome includes animals such as polar foxes and polar bears. Enemies in this biome can include yetis. There are sometimes snowmen and eskimos.

Desert biome: This biome is characterized by sandy terrain and is sparsely populated by vegetation. There can be a small oasis here and there, and there are cacti and other desert plants. Wildlife in this biome may include animals such as snakes, lizards, and scorpions. Enemies may include nomads.

Swamp biome: This features lots of lakes and some unique trees and wildlife. It is a lowland area that looks different being covered in swamp grass. Wildlife may include bats. You may enounter lizardmen, bandits and witches. Visibilty may be poor and hydra are known to lurk in the mist covered lakes.


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