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Alternative Keeper Characters


Keepers are always warlocks (at the time of writing, in Alpha 24)

Please feel free to contribute to this page (which needs your help).


Recommended bullet points:

  • Race/Appearance: Clues to what they look like
  • Spells: Existing or new spells they could have
  • Skills: What tasks an abilities are they capable of?
  • Tasks: What does he do off the battlefield and where does he do it?
  • Traits: Things that may influence combat or other gameplay
  • Diplomacy: How is (s)he treated by other settlements? What would they say about him/her?
  • Diplomacy: Are there any special commands on the tribes tab?

There have been some ideas for other characters. Please list them below:


Many of these characters were designed with the idea of generalists and specialists. Generalists are good a multiple things, but specialists take a trait and push it to the extreme. The existing warlock should be considered a generalist class, with the specialists balanced around him. Some characters need to be defined.

In summary

  • The artificer takes the crafting aspect of the game and pushes it to the max, with the crafting skills defining this character. The downfall is he can’t learn the same set of spells and can’t recruit normally.
  • The pyromancer pushes the offensive spell aspect of the game to max, with this character having access to new set of powerful spells. The downfall is he can’t build a throne to increase population cap, and he cannot have allies. (Even dark elves would hostile)
  • The rogue knight pushes the character as a general combat unit, at the expense of spells and mana production.
  • The Deceiver takes full advantage of the tribes tab.
  • The necromancer pushes the character to have affinity for undead, and make full use of them. The downfall is he cannot recruit living units, and his crafting skeletons should not be as good as goblins.
  • The Assassin changes the strategy of the game. Many players don’t use their keeper to fight because if he dies you loose. This character makes early use and invasion much more viable. He is much stronger than the keeper, but his dungeon is not. His initial population limit is half and enemies are more aggressive toward him.
  • The shade is somewhere in between the Assassin and Keeper. His downfall is the immigration system is less likely to give him units to accept.
  • The Elementalist gets better starting units, but they can’t train. Probably should get a small population initial nerf (-2) to balance the fact that all of his units are more powerful. Can’t recruit by immigration. Starts with house, limit dungeon design.
  • Flesheaver/Mad scientist gets different rooms. Should he be pushed more toward the undead than the necromancer? Should he be able to craft scaab units?
  • Mesmerist: recruits by Hypnotism. Should be combined with the Deceiver to make one very unique hero? What pitfalls make him unique?
  • Vampire Lord. Like the existing minion. But how should this minion differentiate itself from the Keeper, necromancer, and fleshweaver?

Demonic Wizard

Long ago in a distant land, I unleashed an unspeakable evil upon the world. But a mighty warrior came to oppose me, and flung me into this world. Now I will conquer this world to take my revenge.

  • Based on Aku from Samurai Jack.

This character specializes in mana production.


This character does not have access to normal minion immigration, instead, this unit uses mana to summon units. Minions that spawn from rituals are the exception and are recruited normally. Optimize your army!


  • Enhanced mana production. Gains 1 mana every 3 turns passively. (not including mana production skill)
  • Access to mana spawned minions.
  • Access to unique demonic enhancement skill tree
  • Initial population limit is raised by 2.
  • Has darkness skill
  • Demonic shrines cost 40 instead of 60.


  • After the first day (or two?), a legendary warrior spawns on map with your home and attacks you
  • Legendary warriors continue to spawn once every day at a random time.
  • After 2 spawns, legendary warriors come in pairs or with units.

“A warrior was sent by your nemesis”

  • Enemy Legendary Warriors that spawn from the system above cannot be looted for equipment, but leave behind potions, scrolls.

Enemy Legendary Warrior Spawning

  • Enemy warriors are meant to be a challenge, but not impossible to beat
  • Recommend the initial power of a knight, with a progression that offers better levels and access to spells, equipment, potions, and scrolls.
  • Some will spawn with henchmen (After a few spawns). For example a holy knight can spawn with 3 standard knights, and archers.
  • After all the main villains are conquered, Random spawns stop, and player receives a message from the final boss stating he will invade their base in day.
  • Final boss is level 30, spawns with steel armor, telepathy helm, gloves of strength, boots of levitation. Stun immunity, fire resistance, poison resistance, disarm trap. All spells up to master sorcery. ( Sorcery Skill is 30%).
  • Final Boss spawns with 3 legendary units.

Minion Spawning

  • Minions have a shadow overlay as to appear dark, like they spawned from the wizard himself.
  • All spawned minions have the same base stats as their standard counterparts, and the black overlay is a visual effect.
  • All minions except undead and demonic spawn with the darkness skill (initially)
  • All requirements must be met before a minion can spawn. Undead need corpses.
  • Orc(s) 50 Mana
  • Orge 80 Mana
  • Zombie 20 Mana
  • Harpy 70 Mana
  • Vampire 100 Mana
  • Beasts 30 Mana
  • Goblin 50 Mana
  • Werewolf 90 Mana
  • Dark Knight 100 Mana - uses Knight already in game
  • Dark Archer 50 Mana - uses Archer already in game. (Differentiates from harpy as it can’t fly, no laboratory skill
  • Dark Elementalist 700 Mana - Sorcery 100%, Mana production (70%). Spawns with base elemental summon spells, can learn up master sorcery. No crafting skills. Tasks - studying, sleeping, eating, training.


  • Base skill tree as Keeper with few demonic addition. However, demonic skills only apply to the Keeper avatar.
  • Undead spawn with darkness skill (300 Mana)
  • Demonic Stat increase (200) All stats increased by Medium amount
  • Demonic Resistance 1 (400) Grants Stun immunity, Poison and Fire resistance
  • Demonic Resistance 2 (4000) Only damaged by steel or legendary equipment.
  • Demonic Limb Regeneration (Reusable) 200 Mana a pop - restores all limbs
  • Demonic Armor - 4 natural armor
  • Demonic Wizardry - Sets sorcery skill to 50%
  • Shapeshifting 1 (60)
  • Shapeshifting 2 (120)
  • Shapeshifting 3 (360)
  • Shapeshifting 4 (720)
  • Shapeshifting spells are only for the keeper avatar, and have a medium cooldown.
  • Shapeshifting temporary changes the stats based on level and form.

Shapeshifting 1

  • Become Immense: character becomes visually larger and stronger (40 turns)
  • Dog: Turn into a black dog with a blue face. (40 turns) Unarmed attack bonus + 10, and extra speed. + Dex

Shapeshifting 2

  • Become a boulder and run into enemies, dealing damage and throwing them back (40 turns)
  • Become a boar with a blue face (40 turns) Unarmed attack bonus + 12, and base speed. + Strength.
  • Become a bird (60 turns). Unarmed attack + 3. 200 speed.

Shapeshifting 3

  • Become a dragon (60 turns). Stat bonus of a dragon (All), flying

Shapeshifting 4

  • Become a death cloud (15 turns) , and rain arrows on enemies for the duration of this attack.


  • The costs/number for minion spawning and enemy warrior need to be tested, the numbers offered here are only initial suggestions.

Bullet points

  • Race/Appearance: Black body, 4 horns, blue/purple mask. White/yellow flaming eyebrows. See Aku.
  • Spells: Starts with healing, and access to shapeshifting
  • Skills: Mana production (100%), Sorcery (20%), Laboratory (20%)
  • Tasks: Same as base Keeper
  • Traits: Darkness.
  • Diplomacy: A DEMONIC WEEZARD??? I want my mommy. (Tribes fearful, don’t care about throne)

Existing warlock

This is the guy you get in Alpha 21. Let’s keep him. :)

Dungeon Master (Minion support)

The true master of the dungeon. While the assassin character features a strong Keeper with a less powerful dungeon, this character features a stronger dungeon with a weak Keeper. This Keeper rewards gameplay that lets him sit inside his hole while others do the work. Strength in numbers!

Easy to implement

  • Only new thing required is a sprite, and the buffs and restrictions to be added. Not a lot of resources need to be created for this character.

Immigration with buffed population limit

Immigration is normal. No restrictions. No enhancements. No affinity for one particular unit type (like undead).


  • Initial population cap raised by 3 or 5.
  • Pigsty increases population cap by 6 instead of 4.
  • Throne increases population by 15 instead of 10.
  • Starts with 50 extra mana


  • Cannot research Master sorcery. Otherwise skill tree is the same as the Keeper’s except for research unique to the Dungeon Master.
  • Keeper Unit cannot learn advanced sorcery, but minions can.
  • Base speed is lower. Regular Keeper speed is a 100. The Dungeon Master is 70.
  • Relies on minions to brew potions, no Laboratory skill like the Keeper.
  • Keeper unit can’t train to level up, but minions can. Can still gain EXP by fighting.
  • Can’t use two handed weapons. (No bow, relies on harpies)
  • Demon Shrines cost + 20% to build
  • Keeper Unit is very old, so he must rest. Other Keepers don’t sleep on their own, this one has a sleep schedule like minions.
  • All villains get an attack trigger (Fear) when population reaches 19.
  • Visual radius/Line of sight is smaller for Keeper Avatar. Terrible eyesight. Like when a minion without night vision is exploring at night.

Supervision (Task)

  • Has the supervision skill/task, where he will go into an area and “watch” his units be productive. Raises morale of units in the room.

Unique Research (Minion Support)

  • Poison Resistance for Minions - All minions gain poison resistance. (150 Mana)
  • Fire Resistance for Minions - All minions gain fire resistance. (150 Mana)
  • Stun Semi resistance - Stun time/entangle time for minions is halved. (150 Mana)
  • Limb-regrowth- minion regrow limbs when healed by an orc shaman, then go to rest (if not in battle) to recover for a day (1000 turns) (300 Mana).
  • Stairs - add multiple levels to your dungeon, and build the labyrinth of your dreams. Each stair level adds another level to expand the dungeon. Max of 3 extra levels. (100, 200, 400 mana for each level).

Advanced Traps/Discussion

  • Because he gets a more powerful dungeon, maybe he should have access to an advance traps research. Perhaps some of those already suggested on the wiki. Would it be unique to this character or would the Keeper and all other alternative Keepers have access to advanced traps?

Unique Furniture

  • Supervision chair. (50 wood)

Bullet Points

  • Race/Appearance: Human like Keeper. Blue/orange cloak. Old man with a cane.
  • Spells: No spells at the start. Can only learn up to sorcery level 1 but minions can learn up sorcery level 2.
  • Skills: Mana production (0.95), Sorcery (0.1), disarm trap.
  • Tasks: Sleeping, eating, throne, studying, supervision
  • Traits: See Buffs
  • Diplomacy: Feared more than the Keeper as his dungeon gets bigger. He is raising an army to do WHAT?
  • Diplomacy: No special commands on the tribes tab.

Beast Mage (Nature affinity)

A wizard who has affinity for nature’s beasts over conventional magic.

Immigration of natural creatures

  • Humanoid minions can’t be recruited through the immigration system. Can only recruit beasts and werewolves. Beasts have a 100% greater chance to wish to join.


  • Starting Spells include healing, strength, and haste.
  • Poison Resistant
  • Starts at Level 10.
  • Starts with thick club, and cloak with 2+ armor.


  • Does not have access to any crafting skills, sorcery research, Steel working, or alchemy.
  • Relies on conquering enemies for equipment.


  • He relies on imps to gather wood and build beast cages.
  • Can still build a throne.
  • Can still get iron working to unlock access to the iron dummy. (Probably should be called something else because this unit would not have access manufacturing.

Technology tree

Nature affinity (Level 0)

Can recruit cave bears and wolves. wolves will attempt to join during the day.

Nature affinity (Level 1)

Beasts start at a higher level (15) 60 mana

Nature affinity (Level 2)

Beasts are even stronger (20) Can start to recruit Tree spirits. Tree spirits can train. 120 Mana

Nature affinity (Level 3)

Beast units can now poison enemies. All Beasts get + 4 natural armor. 200 Mana

Nature affinity (Level 4)

Can recruit legendary beast units. (250 mana each) Can recruit a dragon through the immigration system (Cost is 1.2 times gold compared to throne). 400 Mana.

Bullet Points

  • Race/Appearance: Large druid.
  • Spells: Healing. Strength. Haste.
  • Skills: Healing, Mana production (0.90) , Sorcery (0.4), Weapon Melee (0.3).
  • Tasks: Studying. Sleeping. Training.
  • Traits: Poison Resistant.
  • Diplomacy: A strange nature man who abhors civilization. Humans hate him. Elves and driads like him. Keepers view him as a threat.

New buildings

  • Nature shrine (half cost of graveyard) - increases mana production.
  • Nature totem (Cost of torture table) - heals beast units within 3 tiles. (Cooldown is 30 turn turns)
  • Nature Rune (Costs twice the iron of a battle axe) - raises population cap by 1.

Artificer (Artifice technology)

Trinkets and toys for all the girls and boys! This character is Santa! Okay not really, he is genius bent on world domination.

No recruitment. Build a golem army instead

While the keeper recruits units when they volunteer, no units will join the Artificer this way (But he still has access to imps). Instead, he builds everything with his crafting skills at the workshop/Forge.

Artifice Level 0

  • Build wooden golems.
  • Wooden Golem: (Unarmed attacked bonus 10, can only wield one handed weapons, can’t wield armor. Level 5. Cost: 100 wood.
  • Traits: Functional equivalent of undead. Courage. Poison Resistant. Workshop (50%). Speed: orc. Base Stats: Orc.
  • Tasks: Crafting.

Artifice Level 1

  • Build Stone golems/Gargoyles
  • Traits: Traits: Functional equivalent of undead. Courage. Poison Resistant. Fire-resistant. Flying. Level 8.
  • Tasks: Mana production (20%).
  • Can’t learn spells.
  • Can wield two handed weapons, and armor.
  • Other: Can build a stronger version of wooden golems. No crafting ability but has a higher level and Melee Trait (20%). Still can’t wield two handed weapons.

Artifice Level 2

  • Build iron golems. Level 10.
  • Traits: Functional equivalent of undead. Courage. Poison Resistant. Fire-resistant. Slow. Weapon Melee (50%). Has forge skill. (Same as orge).
  • Build Stone golem+: (Higher level, Archery Skill, Mana production, Laboratory skill) Cost more stone. Slightly faster.

Artifice Level 3

Iron Golem+ (Higher level, Better defense).

Artifice Level 4

  • Build Robot Dragon. Can make an iron or steel version. Can only have one at a time. Initial Level is 30. Attack: Eat. Costs 500 iron. Steel version costs 200 steel, has better stats. Sleeps in beast cage until deployed.

Bullet points

  • Race/Appearance: Goblin?
  • Spells: Does not have access to all the keeper’s spells. Has healing.
  • Skills: All crafting skills (Workshop, forge, etc at 100%). Mana production at 80%. Sorcery (20%).
  • Tasks: What does he do off the battlefield and where does he do it? Crafting, Training, Eating, Studying.
  • Traits: Initial Population Cap increased by 3.
  • Research: Geology research mana cost is half. Crafting, Jewelry, iron working either unlocked from the start or cheaper.
  • Diplomacy: First we admired him, then he built a throne! Humans, elves, like him. Keepers, dark factions hate him. Dragons don’t hate him.
  • Diplomacy: Aligned with humans.


Should golem units be allowed to train?

Pyromancer (Offensive Specialist)

Pyromancers are great at blowing things up, bad at studying. This character starts with healing spell, and firesphere. He/She can learn haste and strength, but no other spells from the usual spell tree. The first major difference between this character and the keeper is sorcery skill tree progression. As you progress through the skill tree, the sorcery skill increases.

Pyromancer skill tree is as follows

Recruitment through immigration

Very similar to existing warlock

Starting spells

  • Healing, Firesphere
  • (Sorcery 20%)

Pyromancy level 1 (60 Mana)

  • Haste, strength,
  • Fire sphere 2
  • Fire blast
  • (Sorcery 40%)
  • Fire sphere 2 is just another fire sphere spell with a separate cool down.
  • Fireblast - Cooldown is medium. Same range as force bolt. Launches a ball of fire that does damage (Same as fire sphere)

Pyromancy Level 2 (120 Mana)

  • Firesphere Group (Summons Three fire spheres at once, large cooldown)
  • Summon Fire elemental (Cool down Medium)
  • Fire sphere 3
  • (Sorcery 60%)

Pyromancy Level 3 (180 Mana)

  • Summon Fire elemental 2.
  • Summon Fire Wolves - summon’s three hell wolves to attack all enemies. Act like the wolves in game except different sprite, causes flammable tiles to burn. (Cool down Large)
  • Fire Ring - Explosion around spell caster - like word of power except causes fire damage to enemies.
  • Super Fireblast (Fireblast that shoots in a 3x4 tiles in front of spell caster, knocks enemies back)
  • Fire shield: Makes the caster immune to arrows temporarily (same cool down as magic shield)
  • (Sorcery 80%)

Pyromancy Level 4 (360 Mana)

  • Summon Fire elemental 3
  • Passive Buff - firespheres are blue. Negates enemy fire resistance.
  • Form the phoenix - become a phoenix temporarily 100 turns. Speed buff, large unarmed attack buff, (Can’t use weapons), Defense buff, flying. Trap immunity. Bolder immunity. Large cool down. Doesn’t care about enemy fire resistance.
  • (Sorcery 100)

Bullet points

  • Race/Appearance: Human. Red hair.
  • Spells: See above.
  • Skills: Sorcery (See above). Mana production (0.10) No crafting. Can’t wield a bow. Can’t wield two handed weapons. (Need to have free hand for pyromancy)
  • Tasks: Training, Eating, Sleeping, studying.
  • Traits: Fire resistance. Stun resistance.
  • Diplomacy: Feared and hated. Pyromancy is outlawed by humans because of the destruction it causes. Pyromancers are so hated and feared all enemies are hostile, pyromancer can’t have allies.
  • Diplomacy: Humans hate pyromancers. Forest critters (elves, tree spirit, hate them). All humanoids/lesser villians gain a new attack trigger when pyromancy level 2 is unlocked.


  • Can’t build a throne. The pyromancer does not wish to be king, just freedom from tyranny. Use the minion space wisely.
  • Orc shamans can only learn up to pyromancy level 2.
  • Bad at studying, must rely on minions for good manaproduction
  • Enemy Aggression (See Diplomacy)
  • Cannot progress through normal sorcery skill tree.


  • Starts with firesphere
  • Access to pyromancy skill tree.

Other Research

Minion Fire immunity (200 or 400 mana)

Rogue Knight (Military leader, Tank, front liner) (Implemented partly in Alpha 25)

A traitor who broke away from the human kingdoms, vowing revenge on those who dared cast doubt his way. Better base stats and iron starting equipment, poor at research and mana generation.

Recruitment through immigration

Recruitment of immigrants very similar to existing warlock keeper.


Culd look like one of the human knights, except maybe dressed in dark plate and with a full helm of some variety.

Special combat moves

  • Optional feature

Bullet points

  • Heal spell, Strength spell
  • Skills: Melee 80%,
  • Tasks: Training, Eating, Sleeping
  • Traits: Humanoid
  • Stats: Strength, Defense, Attack and Accuracy increasing with levels. Average dex.
  • Diplomacy: “This so-called knight must be made to pay for his crimes!”
  • Diplomacy: Human tribes have extra strong invasion triggers (He’s a traitor)

Deceiver (Political negotiator)

Recruitment through immigration

Recruitment of immigrants very similar to existing warlock keeper.

Trick your enemy into stupidity on the tribes tab


Create an invasion trigger against your self.

Peace Mongering

Remove an invasion trigger.

Dark persuasion

Recruit from tribes that are not allied to you.

Bullet points

  • Race - Dark elf
  • No spells.
  • Skills - Diplomatic manipulation (Able to heavily influence the triggers to invade you and when)
  • Skills - Dark persuasion (Able to recruit from minor villains by using a large amount of mana and gold)
  • Tasks - Eating, Sleeping, Studying
  • Traits Humanoid
  • Stats - Poor combat ability (Problems are solved through talking)
  • With enough mana, she/he is able to manipulate who will attack you and when.
  • Diplomacy - I thought we were friends!

Shadow (Stealthy, subtle, fast)

Overpower the innocent by stealth and do it anominously.

Recruitment through immigration but powered down a bit

Recruitment of immigrants very similar to existing warlock keeper.

Reuses existing spells, traits, tasks and commands

The main features for a shadow already exist in the game. It is a good choice for early development.

Bullet points

  • Spells: Dexterity, Speed, Invisibility
  • Stealth trait and night vision traits (Similar to werewolf)
  • Disarming trait (similar to goblin)
  • Crafting, Eating, Sleeping
  • Hide command (similar to adventurers)
  • Gaining levels increases dex and speed futher
  • Archery 50%
  • Diplomacy: “Never heard of him!”
  • Diplomacy: Invasion triggers are delayed by quite a large number of turns
  • Start at level 5

Assassin (Stealthy, single target elimination)

Recruitment through immigration. Dungeon is less powerful

The assassin’s dungeon is less powerful. Perhaps traps are improved.


This character focuses on quick combat and single target elimination.


  • Starts with stun, healing, escape, and invisibility spells.
  • Starts with stealth, disarm trap, archery, melee, sorcery (0.20), skills.
  • Base speed is 120
  • Quicker Leveling


  • Initial population limit is lowered by 6
  • Mana production is at 70%.
  • Throne only increases population by 5, and pigsty by 3.
  • The population limit forces the player to rely on the keeper to do the majority of killing.


  • Same skill tree as normal Keeper.

Advancing levels

This character levels up by combat/training twice as fast. This character rewards risky play by using the keeper as a main battle unit instead of hiding in the dungeon. The downside is that keeper is the most powerful unit, there are no second chances when you die.


Assassin’s are wanted men, so all humanoid villains are more likely to trigger and attack your base (includes lesser villains). Kill or be killed!

Bullet points

  • Assassin unit looks like Keeper except without the beard, and has a black cloak. Enemy assassins have a white cloak.
  • Stun, healing, escape, invisibility spells.
  • Skills: Stealth, disarm, archery 50%, melee 50%, sorcery 40%
  • Tasks: Brewing, Eating, Sleeping, Training
  • Traits: Humanoid
  • Stats: Attack, accuracy, speed, dex.
  • Diplomacy: “Terrifying, none of us are safe!” (Hated, but feared)
  • Diplomacy: Invasion triggers could be stronger (hatred) but decrease with dungeon size (fear)

Necromancer (Different spells)

Necromancer - A completely new way to play the game.Necromancy was been suggested as its own magic school, but really should be its own class.

Recruitment by raising undead

What would separate the necromancer from other classes is that he/she cannot recruit all minions like the keeper. Instead, he/she recruits minions by raising corpses. However, he/she can still have vampires join he/she normally.

Starting kit and spells

Healing Spell, Raise Corpse, Robe, Sword, 4 skeletons with the construction skill, 200 mana and basic sorcery.

Necromancy technology and spells

The exclusive raise corpse spell is as follows

Magic school: Necromancy Special powers: Turns non-rotted, non-zombie corpse into a zombie. Turns a skeleton into an animated skeleton. The corpse type effects the minion added. For example, killing a human would reward a normal zombie when turned, but killing a dog would add a beast to the population. Different levels would have to be researched to raise the corpses/skeletons of bosses, legendary units, and other keepers. Will fail if population limit reached. Will fail if don’t have a place to store corpse. (Like not having a bed for a unit) Cooldown: 40 turns Cost: 15 Mana per corpse, does not increase. Concept: Grow an army of undead and rule both the realm of the living and dead! Purpose in game: Allows the necromancer to grow his/her population. This is the only way they can recruit units, can’t recruit minions like the Keeper. Optional features: N/A Discussion.

Under the necromancer, zombies would get a speed bonus and train faster to make them more viable as majority unit. Skeletons would also differ from zombies. They are less durable, faster, and have the construction and manufacturing skills. Stats would be slight better than the goblin, but crafting skills are half of a goblin and they would be able to equip items. Skeletons also wouldn’t burn in sunlight.

Most Existing technologies available

The research tree would be the same as the keeper, except with a few additions and that basic sorcery would already be unlocked. First, the other levels of a necromancy can be researched. The only restriction is master sorcery cannot be researched.

Necromancy of higher villains

Level 2 lowers the cool down of raise corpse, and allows one to raise multiple corpses at once. Also gives access to a necromantic blast spell. Level 3 Lets you raise lesser villains, smaller necromantic blast recharge. Level 4 lets you raise main villains.

Other powerful spells

Necromantic Blast Cooldown: 100 Concept: Death spell for a death mage Purpose: Gives an offensive class and offensive spell. Shoots a black bolt 3x3 tiles in front of avatar. Non piercing. Damage similar to a force bolt, but increases with each level of necromancy.

Secondly, the necromancer would have the darkness research trait/tree available to research. Level 1 - Undead units resistant to sunlight. They won’t burn but they lose one stat when in sunlight Level 2 - Necromancer can create a large dark aura that protects units from sunlight. (Unlocks Spell, last for 200 turns, vampires can learn it) Level 3 - Perpetual night. Cover the world in darkness (until death). Aggro’s all lesser villains and main villains because they like the day.


Buildings only available to the necromancer: Hole: Can dig a hole outside for a zombie to sleep in. Functionally identical to a grave except it can’t attract vampires.

Imps or skeletons?

Discussion: Can have the necromancer use imps instead of skeletons, but it ruins the flavor.

Bullet points

Suggested bullet points (Added later by Keeperman):

  • Race: Skeleton (hooded) (male). Female wears a black dress, black hair, light color eyes.
  • Spells: Healing, Raise corpse, Necromantic blast, Perpetual night
  • Skills: Necromancy, Dark research
  • Tasks: Training, Crafting, Studying
  • Traits: Undead, Humanoid, Source of darkness
  • Diplomacy: “An evil that must be destroyed!”
  • Diplomacy: Good tribes have stronger invasion triggers. Evil villains like dragons are less concerned than normal.

Some miscellaneous ideas from discussion

  • Recruitment of zombie packs and skeleton packs instead of wolf packs.
  • Recruitment of vampire lords
  • All undead units have special traits that make them a lot more powerful under a necromancer
  • Living units are nerfed or replaced by the “special trait” undeads.
  • Introduction of mummies for necromancers
  • Necro keeper starts with zombie slaves
  • Non-undead slaves look like zombies just for the fun of it?

Elementalist (Different spells)

No recruitment. Make an army of elementals with fusion technology

Uses the existing elementalist creature as a template

  • Good for re-using code.

Elementalist. Like the main villain in game. Aligned with knights and humans. Only uses mana to cast elementals, with each spell as a separate cool down. Spawns in a house, with a library and bed, a bit of gold, and first aid kits, and alchemy bench. Can’t craft items other than potions. Gets mana by studying and some other source. Possibly using mana to spawn shard pilliars that regenerate mana over time. Knows healing spell.

No Training

Elements are air, water, earth, fire. Elemental minions can’t train to level up.

Level 1 (Fusion technology)

Fuse two elementals to create a stronger elemental. For example,

  • Air and Water is storm. (Dark blue are elemental sprite)
  • Air and Fire is inferno. (Red air elemental sprite)
  • Air and Earth is sand. (Tan air elemental sprite)
  • Fire and Earth is iron. (Spawn iron golem)
  • Fire and Water is ice. (Spawn sentient ice block)
  • Earth and Water is slime. (Spawn slime unit)
  • They are level 20

Level 2 (Fusion)

Fuse three elementals to create even stronger unit.

  • Air, Water, Fire
  • Air, Water, Earth
  • Fire, Water, Earth - Cactus beast
  • Fire, Air, Earth

level 3 (Fusion)

Fuse the elements with yourself to become super powerful. Regrow limbs, gain 4 spells (Fireblast, flood, force bolt, earth quake[Mass stun for 3 turns])

Other technologies

  • Sorcery technologies also available.
  • Basic Alchemy unlocked at start.

Dynamic world

Enemies attack allies and you are called to defend them. For ex, dark elves verse elves.

Bullet points

  • Race: Human
  • Spells: Summon elemental, fire sphere, New elemental spells (See above)
  • Skills: Elementalism
  • Tasks: Brewery, Eating, Sleeping
  • Traits: Humanoid, sorcery 100%
  • Diplomacy: “First we liked him, then he built a throne. Now he thinks he’s king!”
  • Diplomacy: Can recruit from human tribes until war is declared.

Restriction Summary and Notes

  • No recruitment - produce units with mana, produce mana by studying and shard pillars
  • Use minor wind elemental (tiny sprite of air elemental) as imp replacement.
  • No spells outside of healing and elementalism
  • No crafting workshop and forge items - can use/research alchemy
  • Can’t build demon shrines because he “good”
  • Can’t build a prison
  • Elemental units can’t craft, but can be set to roam an area to keep them occupied or guard duty.


Maybe allow the character to build a dungeon, as that is a major feature of the game. Dark elementalist?

Flesh Weaver/Mad Scientist (Different rooms)

Recruitment from corpse vats, flesh farms and slurry pits

Corpses gain a secondary value of worth (which changes to 0 when clean/only bones) with these you summon your units now.

Imps are replaced by homonculi

Created via mana and also will pick up corpses from outside. Aside from that, they would function as imps with the same mana progression cost.

Replacing the usual rooms of dormitories, beast cages, graveyards and ritual rooms would be the following rooms.

Corpse Vats

This is where you place corpses to store and create your new basic units. This is the first step and only costs 20 wood to make. each one also acts as the dormitory to hold your new creatures.

Flesh farms

This produces corpses(which could be fleshy might not be) for a renewable amount of enemies. This would cost 30 granite.

Slurry pits

This would be where you get your legendary abominations, your flesh golems, and oozing flesh creatures. once 6 or 7 bodies are inputted into it, then you will gain one legendary creature in return. (an alternative could be that major villain bodies have a quality and you need defeat those in order to get a legendary creature. make it that much harder and that much more damaging to lose on though as major villains are a finite resource.)

Suggested Research and Notes

  • Added Later by Zachdk528
  • Corpses don’t decay when held by homunculi (50 Mana)
  • Keeper Skill tree is available except for master sorcery
  • Legendary Abominations 50 Mana to be able to be produced, each unit costs 100 mana after 6-7 bodies inputed. Each Slurry pit has its own body count, and homunculi will add to one pit until it is full. However, there is an option to stack bodies on one pit.
  • Legendary Abominations start at level 17-25, with higher levels corresponding to more bodies
  • Legendary Abominations can’t learn spells unless enough bodies.
  • All units are undead and have courage. Not all have poison resistance.
  • Units don’t burn in sunlight.

Suggested Units

  • Added later by Zachdk528

Corpse Vat

  • Minor ghoul: Stats of a goblin, but all crafting skills are at 40%. (1 corpse).
  • Gleep: Orc Stats, but faster and + 13 unarmed attack. Can’t wield two handed weapons. Can’t craft like Orc. (1 Corpse)

Gleeps look a human meld from silly putty by a 3 year old. (1 Corpse)

  • Gloop: Harpy stats. Archery (0.70). No laboratory skill. (1 Corpse)
  • Shmoopee: Two headed being, twisted. Slow (Orge speed). Can only learn basic sorcery. Mana production at 50%. Can train, unlike orc shamans. (2 corpses)
  • Drake. 2 Wings, torso, head. Cave bear stats but can fly. (1 Corpse)
  • Oozing flesh: has a +22 unarmed and the absorb ability, standardly eats bodies to do so, but can also absorb opponents(or try to with a possible fail rate) other stats are like Ogres. (3 corpses)


  • Produces fleshberries at the end of each day. Each tile can produce 1-3 flesh berries.
  • 15 Flesh berries = 1 corpse
  • Requires testing for balancing.
  • Also as possibility, could raise population cap as the pigsty does.

Slurry Pits

  • Mauler: 4 feet, 1 torso, 2 arms, head. Can’t equip or train. Like a beast. Fast (Speed 130). Level 15. 16 unarmed attack bonus.

Maulers have a jumping attack which they can jump 5 tiles a head. (2-3 Corpses). sleeps in beast cage.

  • Goliath: 6 arms, 3 heads, 2 arms. Can equip. Level 12 but can train. Normal speed. 8 unarmed attach bonus. (6 Corpses)
  • Flesh Golem: This many faced large abomination is unique in that it requires specific body parts(PErhaps a butchery room will be required to break down bodies into necessary parts) and has WAY more health then is commonly available to the masses. Mayhaps use cyclops stats for this.

Legendary Abominations

  • Different Schemes like Legendary units in game
  • Each schema has different number of body parts.
  • Scaab - flying humanoid with 2 arms, 2 legs, torso.
  • 4 armed creature
  • 4 armed, 2 torso, 4 head, 8 legs.

Suggested bullet points

(Added later by Keeperman):

  • Race/Appearance: White Robed Scientist
  • Spells: Share some spells with necromancer.
  • Skills: Studying, Necromancy, Flesh weave
  • Tasks: Training, Eating, Sleeping
  • Traits: Humanoid
  • Diplomacy: “We must stop this Madman!”
  • Diplomacy: Good tribes will want to fight you. Evil and neutral villains will not be very interested.

Mesmerist (Psychic powers)

The mesmerist would rely on mental magics, but the main trick of a mesmerist is to be able to(at range) hypnotize and control enemy units.

Recruitment through brainwashing creatures on the map



This will work on your common elf children and animals, but with that comes the plus of having a nice inexhaustible work force.(debatable if they would level up in your base or not, but it is possible.


This allows you to disguise yourself into a nonviolent or relevant npc and avoid enemies for a few turns. This may not work on the wilier enemies but those bandits and dwarfs don’t stand a chance versus this illusion.


This changes an area of creatures alignments, causing infighting and battle to commence! watch those treants rip each others branches off as they stupidly bumble about. those dwarves will be too busy hitting each other, and you can run off, snickering and ready to go get your army.

Dancing lights

Need those pesky parents and other beings out of the way? this illusion would cause a set of two lights that go in the casted direction. all enemies must, and i repeat MUST follow this. once it ends the enemy of ocurse returns to you, but a bit of breath space is helpful.

Mass Brainwash

This is the true bread and butter to your mesmerist. This would be able to tame and grab those bandit hoards for you that come knocking at your door. of course you need beds for your new work force…but once you have them, you have them.

Lastly, I must say that hypnotizing hydras and dragons are a possibility but i leave it out of this as that would create quite an inbalance of power. whether that is something you can do as you wont have access to legendary creatures, is arguable but up to the developer if he picks this up.

New buildings

Pendulum: waiting for a population cap to rise via pigstys is only one worry, as you need to also keep your hypnotized slaves placated. There will be an innate chance that your slaves(once population cap is reached) will break free of your control.

Eye of Chaos Structure: Instead of Eye of Evil to reveal an area: you can place an Eye of Chaos, which basically casts Chaos in it’s visiblity area(The circle around it at night that it can see, not the daytime visibility I mean)

Pit of insanity: this is a trap that casts a single square of chaos, making bandits in-fight and others as well instantly against the unit.

Suggested bullet points

(Added later by Keeperman):

  • Race: Dark figure with red eyes
  • Spells: Sleep, Mass brainwash, Mind smash, Hypnosis, Dancing Lights, chaos
  • Skills: Mind control, Sorcery
  • Tasks: Eating, Studying
  • Traits: No sleep, telepathy
  • Diplomacy: Can sometimes “Placate” invasion triggers using mana from the Tribes tab
  • Diplomacy: “We ought to go to war against him, although I am feeling a bit…sleepy….”

Vampire Lord (Much like the exising minion)

Be The Master of the Night.

Recruitment of immigrants

If a graveyard (Necropolis) is Built of any size You will be able attract more vampires more easily than any other minion. If a Ritual room is built you will be able to summon more Demons and Ghosts more easily. Some other units could be harder to get.

Other vampire Lords hostile or missing

If you choose this form at the start of the game, you won’t be able to find the Vampire lord minion in the graveyard, instead it will be a normal vampire. because YOU are the Vampire lord!.

You start the game at night

Best feelings.

Good reuse of existing features

Similar in most ways to the Vampire lord minion.

Bullet points

  • Race/Appearance: “Human” Vampire, Stylish Cape
  • Spells: Hypnotise, Bat form, Mist form, Blood Magic
  • Skills: Combat Bite, Unnatural speed/Strength, Night Vision, Unnatural hearing (can see invisible enemies)
  • Tasks: Studying, Training, Sleeping, Feeding, (on Prisoner “Cattle” Perhaps?) Torture
  • Traits: Humanoid, Terrifying
  • Features: Easier to get Vampire and demon Minions with graveyards and Ritual rooms have Vampire themed Dungeon objects, instead of grave stones have them be Coffins for vampires, a new Vamp themed throne, Tall Candelabras instead of torches etc
  • OPTIONAL Feature: As the Vampire lord, every night you can go out and turn sleeping human villagers into vampire minions. Either instantly turn them or have it take one full day before they turn and join your forces. OR you can turn them into Prisoner(Cattle) for feeding your ever expanding vampire army, Prisoner(Cattle) will immediately start following you back to base upon choosing this option. Can be an attack trigger.

Non-limiting classes

Instead of a Keeper’s starting class limiting what magics, minions and technologies they can access, I request a complex tech tree which allows the Keeper to explore most any knowledge, no limitations, but which is so expansive that the player must generally devote the Keeper to a few major branches in order to achieve the goals that will earn them fear, dread and hate that they rightfully deserve. I will provide a suggestion for how to build a fun tech tree to support freeform Keeper research and development in the game mechanics section.

A Dragon

  • Race/Appearance: A black Dragon
  • Spells: Has little spells until more treasure is gained, starts with fire breathe
  • Skills: More gold in storage increases spells and general abilities
  • Stats: A little less than a dragon, but stats increase by hoarding gold
  • Tasks: He hangs around in his treasury while occasionally just devouring a minion, gains buffs from collected treasure
  • Traits: Terrifying, can’t equip things, still hoards items for buffs
  • Diplomacy: Automatically gets attacked by the “good” factions along with random heroes. Though faction attacks stop after proving your dragon strength, this makes heroes stronger though, heroes are of certain races and wield weapons of said race, after that race is extinct no more heroes.
  • Diplomacy: Can demand tribute or slaves from factions
  • Recruitment: Can only enslave creatures to work in his cave, starts with a few enslaved kobalds to work. He enslaves by beating a strong enemy then activating a skill, or just using it on a weaker enemy. Slaves may rebel if they are strong and there are many, the chance increases if the dragon is gone, decreases if a revolt is crushed aka lowering slave moral back down
  • Extra: Enemies try to steal treasure, including random thieves using invisibility
  • Purpose: ever want to play as a dragon? Also some treasure oriented gameplay

Feel free to add more to this I kind of rushed it


A Keeper with a focus on undead summons and fast creation of weaker units. Takes time and effort to create larger undead creatures, but they end up more durable and stronger.

  • Race/Appearance: Possibly a Lich or other classic DnD BBEG Undead.
  • Spells: Resurrection of units if they die within a range of the Necromancer. Make crusading and taking the Keeper out of the dungeon a bit more viable (raids/etc.)
  • Skills: Creation of buildings related to profession. Mausoleums, crypts.
  • Tasks: Research into the undead, slowly progresses knowledge towards other undead creatures, abilities, etc.
  • Traits: Phylactery. Hide it somewhere on the map and make that the target instead of the Keeper. Keeper will respawn after a set amount of turns after losing physical form. When respawned will take the body of an existing summon, takes time and gold to create another Lich host.
  • Diplomacy: Human Guise, treated as normal humans would be by other races. If any race discovered the Lich behind the face, they would become vilified, just like a normal Keeper.
  • Diplomacy: Command Undead from local Graveyards. Can freely immigrate a set number of Undead every so many days.



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