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List of technologies:

  • Alchemy: Build a laboratory and produce basic potions.
  • Incendiary Alchemy: Produce incendiary potions. Requires Alchemy.
  • Advanced Alchemy: Produce more powerful potions. Requires Alchemy.
  • Embalming: Build a laboratory and concoct basic balsams for bodies.
  • Advanced Embalming: Produce more powerful balsams for bodies. Requires Embalming.
  • Master Embalming: Produce the most powerful balsams for bodies. Requires Advanced Embalming.
  • Necromancy: Build a morgue and raise undead.
  • Advanced Necromancy: Raise more powerful undead. Requires Necromancy.
  • Master Necromancy: Raise the most powerful undead. Requires Advanced Necromancy.
  • Alchemical Conversion: Convert resources to and from gold. Requires Alchemy.
  • Humanoid Mutation: Breed new, very powerful humanoid species. Requires Alchemy.
  • Beast Mutation: Breed new, very powerful beast species. Requires Alchemy.
  • Chicken Breeding: Build a chicken coop to feed your minions.
  • Pig Breeding: Build a pigsty to feed your minions. Requires Chicken Breeding.
  • Cow Breeding: Build a cow pen to feed your minions. Requires Pig Breeding.
  • Iron Working: Build a forge and produce metal weapons and armor.
  • Jewellery: Build a jeweler room and produce magical rings and amulets. Requires Iron Working.
  • Distillation: Beer is for dwarves. Build a distillery and make rat moonshine for your minions.
  • Two-Handed Weapons: Produce war hammers and battle axes. Requires Iron Working.
  • Traps: Produce traps in the workshop.
  • Advanced Traps: Produce more advanced traps and mechanisms. Requires Traps.
  • Archery: Produce bows and arrows.
  • Sorcery: Learn basic spells.
  • Advanced Sorcery: Learn more advanced spells. Requires Sorcery.
  • Magical Weapons: Produce melee weapons that deal magical damage. Requires Advanced Sorcery.
  • Master Sorcery: Learn the most powerful spells. Requires Advanced Sorcery.
  • Demonology: Build demon shrines and attract demons. Requires Advanced Sorcery.
  • Worship: Build angel shrines and attract angels.
  • Automatons: Build mechanical creatures that work and fight for you.
  • Advanced Automatons: Build advanced mechanical creatures that work and fight for you. Requires Automatons.
  • Automaton Brains: Build automatons that behave like humanoids. Requires Advanced Automatons.
  • Aerodynamics: Build flying automatons. Requires Advanced Automatons.

See Technology for strategy details:


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