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Modding Technology


  alchemy                  \{ Build a laboratory and produce basic potions. \}
  advanced alchemy         \{ Produce more powerful potions.                               \{alchemy\} \}
  alchemical conversion    \{ Convert resources to and from gold.                          \{alchemy\} \}
  humanoid mutation        \{ Breed new, very powerful humanoid species.                   \{alchemy\} \}
  beast mutation           \{ Breed new, very powerful beast species.                      \{alchemy\} \}
  pig breeding             \{ Build a pigsty to feed your minions. \}
  iron working             \{ Build a forge and produce metal weapons and armor. \}
  jewellery                \{ Build a jeweler room and produce magical rings and amulets.  \{iron working \}\}
  two-handed weapons       \{ Produce war hammers and battle axes.                         \{iron working \}\}
  traps                    \{ Produce traps in the workshop. \}
  archery                  \{ Produce bows and arrows. \}
  sorcery                  \{ Learn basic spells. \}
  advanced sorcery         \{ Learn more advanced spells.                                  \{sorcery\}\}
  magical weapons          \{ Produce melee weapons that deal magical damage               \{advanced sorcery\}\}
  master sorcery           \{ Learn the most powerful spells.                              \{advanced sorcery\}\}
  demonology               \{ Build demon shrines and attract demons.                      \{advanced sorcery\}\}


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