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The Keeper (male or female) is the most valuable entity, if the keeper dies the game is lost. Keepers are humanoid.

Evil keepers encounter these tribes of creatures:

  • Final Dungeon: The location of the game’s ultimate enemy, a dark and foreboding place.
  • Duke: A chivalrous tribe, feared for their formidable skills on the battlefield. A powerful enemy.
  • Elf Lord: A noble tribe of elves, deadly with a bow. They have a fierce and enigmatic enemy.
  • Dwarf Baron: A tough clan of craftsmen and miners but fiercely loyal to their tribe.
  • Red Dragon: A fiery and fearsome beast, a main enemy to evil keepers.
  • White Dragon: A cold and cunning predator, another main enemy to evil keepers.
  • Elementalist: A mysterious being who wields the forces of nature as a weapon.
  • Green Dragon: A cunning foe, a master of poison.
  • Lizard Lord: A savage tribe of lizard folk, formidable adversaries with venomous bites and sharp claws.
  • Shaman’s Warriors: Fierce warriors who fight under a shamanic magician.
  • Thief Leader: A band of cunning and resourceful rogues, notorious for their thievery and guile.
  • Demon Lord A lord of the abyss, commands legions of hellish creatures and seeks to conquer the mortal realm.
  • Tree Spirits: Majestic guardians of the forest, imbued with the power of motion.
  • Dryads: Mysterious and alluring forest spirits, born among the trees.
  • Cyclops: One-eyed giant known for his incredible strength.
  • Giant Spider: A creature of nightmare, with venomous fangs that spins webs.
  • Hydra: A serpentine beast with multiple heads.
  • Unicorns: Majestic and otherworldly, a lesser enemy to evil keepers that are seen in herds.
  • Ant Queen: A horde of swarming ants, led by a powerful queen. They are a lesser enemy to evil keepers.
  • Zombie Cemetery Zombies: Shambling corpses rose from the dead, seeking to devour the living. They are a lesser enemy to evil keepers.
  • Goblin Cave: A clan of small, but ferocious, green-skinned creatures. They are an ally to evil keepers.
  • Harpy Cave: A tribe of bird-like creatures with razor-sharp talons and terrifying screeches. They are an ally to evil keepers.
  • Dark Elf Lord: A tribe of dark minded elves who wield powerful magic. They are an ally to evil keepers.
  • Gnome Boss Gnomes: A clan of diminutive and clever craftsmen, skilled at creating powerful magical items. They are an ally to evil keepers.
  • Sokoban Puzzle: A mysterious puzzle that must be solved to reap its benefits. Its purpose and nature are unclear.

Lawful keepers often share similar foes but are allied differently and must fight the dark elves while having teutonic knights.

Adventurers also encounter many of these tribes as allies or enemies.


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