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Humanoid Mutation


  • Alternative research method: [[Miscellaneous_Items#Book_of_Humanoid_Mutation Book of Humanoid Mutation]]
  • Unlocks :
  • [[:Legendary_Humanoid|Legendary Humanoid]] -You can go for the legendary humans as a decent strategy. These guys are a bit random but can also use equipment unlike the beasts. [[Category: Keeper Mode]] [[Category: Dungeon Guide]]</text> d83sk769uh7ctxizvqouya6brz3g93y wikitext text/x-wiki </revision> </page> Fly 0 122 350 2015-02-06T04:32:00Z Cerbsen 15 Created page with "__NOTOC__ ''Summoned by [[:Spells#Summon_Insects|summon insects]] spell. ''


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